Rainy Days - Animation Series by The Rusted Pixel

19 January 2023

Step inside the charming world of - Rainy Days - a beautifully 3D-crafted habitat enriched with the sound design of rainfall. With an air of playfulness and a breeze of tranquillity, the soothing sounds we know to be the pitter-patter of rain dance in the delicacy of blushed purples and sunrise pinks. Are you feeling relaxed yet? 


Pond at Midnight

“Pond at Midnight is another sequence in the Rainy Days collection. A pond at midnight where stars fall from the sky during a thunderstorm. The orbs bob and float momentarily before sinking deep below the surface, bringing their glow down with them. The scene is dreamlike, soothing and flooded in silvery moonlight.” The Rusted Pixel

Diamond in the Rough

“Rainy Days is a project I've been working on for some time. I'm truly loving creating this small world rich with sound. As someone who loves cool, rainy weather - this project is such a great outlet for me. This piece was created for my first NFT on Super Rare.” The Rusted Pixel 

The Forest

“One of my favourite pastimes is walking in the forest with my dogs. This Rainy Days series is my memories shared with you in motion.” The Rusted Pixel 

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