Nishant Choksi x Weightwatchers

06 June 2022

Nishant Choksi’s illustrations are like cartoons for grown-ups, visually representing dense ideas through an ever-pleasing play of bright colour, clever characterisation and short bites of humour. He’s an adaptable modernist with old school sensibilities, bringing skilfully light-hearted imagery to your newspapers, billboards and magazines! 

Fun, funny and ever-so-clever; sometimes simple lines tell the best stories. Here's his latest campaign for Weightwatchers...

A lot of your work combines illustration with photography in a very playful manner - what is it about this technique that you enjoy the most? 
I like the combination of photography and illustration as it meets the ‘real’ world with cartooning and this makes for a very interesting dynamic, both visually and conceptually. These worlds are mostly segregated; it's either photography or illustration, but combining them, making them play with each other creates something which is innately a little bit absurd. Also, it’s quite handy to have a starting point, the photograph, as this can take the illustration in a direction you may not have thought of. 
Can you tell us a little bit more about your process on these illustrations?
The campaign was about how noisy WW’s new snack Crunchy Thins are. Studies show the more crunchy a food the more pleasing it is to eat. We therefore came up with a some noisy things that could be used with photographs of the snack: boombox, motorcycle, trumpet and fireworks, to try to describe how noisy and hence how crunchy the snack is an amusing way.  The illustrations were executed in pencil and turned into a digital line so they can be animated in simple gifs for WW social media. 

Want to see more? Check out Nishant's folio

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