Charlotte Day Tree Almanac

22 February 2024

Lauren Laverne said "I love this book" What more do we need to know. Well, actually let's learn a bit more about Charlotte's journey through the creation of this beautiful book...

"Working on the Tree Almanac for Robinson books was a real treat. I'd been hankering after an Almanac title for some time, and here was one focused on a subject that interests me greatly. The book's production value with its printed cloth cover and foil accents only served to make the prospect even more enticing.

"The full-color cover features several arboreal species depicted throughout the seasons and native creatures for added interest. For the interior illustrations, I was asked to produce full-page single-color openers for each month, and several spot illustrations of plants and wildlife."

"Recently I've developed an enthusiasm for traditional printmaking, and am in the process of adapting these digitally drawn black-and-white illustrations into hand-printed letterpress editions."

You can see more of Charlotte's exceptional illustration here.

Image credit for Almanac book photograph - Nest, Not on the High Street.

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