When Hermès Met Dog and Rabbit

25 January 2024

Virtual meetings, love ‘em or hate ‘em they’re one of the lasting legacies of the Covid era and on the plus side have opened up the opportunity to personally present the wonders of CIA to clients on an entirely global level. Early last year we presented to luxury powerhouse Hermès and their team in Shanghai and picked up an animation project for Dog and Rabbit. Take a look at the full animation here. 
Hermès were seeking a paper crafted aesthetic so our heroes of two-dimensional enchantment created two 18 second surrealist narratives featuring elements from the new collection.
Dog and Rabbit’s Andrew Kelleher says: “Prepared in Photoshop and animated in After Effects, I carved up all the illustrated elements into hundreds of layers so the smallest of details, individual leaves, an animal's ears, could be moving independently. Most of this won’t be spotted due to their subtly, the lovely quick cuts and the movement of the camera, but it’s those almost indiscernible details that add to the overall feeling of life in the animation.”
If you'd like to see more Dog and Rabbit you can! Take a stroll through their motion folio here. 

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