Paul Wearing's Collaboration with British interior designer Sue Timney.

18 March 2024

Paul Wearing’s illustrious career has seen him collaborate with some of the greatest and goodest(!) of the design industry but he’s long been an admirer of Sue Timmy, the British interior, product and textile designer who co-founded Timney-Fowler in 1980, has been president, director or chair of numerous esteemed art institutions and whose work is collected by several museums including the V&A.

In paul’s words, "One of last year’s highlights was working with a designer I’ve long admired, the renowned interior and textile designer Sue Timney.

A conversation about bespoke prints for a new development in Marylebone turned into a commission for a large scale installation. 

Seen here are a couple of murals I created for the Marketing Suite for Wallacea Living. A company who’s mission is to create the perfect environments that allow people to enjoy fuller lives regardless of age.

There’s always a leap of faith when someone commissions you to create something new, especially when using unfamiliar techniques, and thanks to Sue’s vision I got to create this. 

I love it, and couldn’t be more pleased how it looks in the beautiful interior settings.”

See more of Paul's inspiring work here.

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