The Bread & Butter of Animation: Park District!

07 January 2023

Today we are celebrating the collective of award-winning filmmakers that are, Park District. If you are not familiar with these creative masterminds, then let us acquaint you! Their animation arm specialises in conceptual, punchy stop-animation which is all captured and created in-house. From food stop-motion to fashion editorial, they can do it all... 


What makes an animation a Park District animation?

Our stop-motion work is all about making things that look bouncy, fun and vibrant. Whether we’re working with food (as we so often do) or something else we hope that it will be eye-catching and not take itself too seriously!

You do everything from food to music videos, to travel and lifestyle, to stop-motion. What is your favourite avenue to animate and why?

It has to be food! Bringing the inanimate to life is just so fun - it has that Toy Story feel to it - these objects that are usually so static can have little adventures or lives of their own when you’re not looking! And we get to eat it afterwards so that’s always nice!

You have been animating for M&S for quite some time now with playful stop-motion. How does this compare to working on projects with a cleaner aesthetic like your editorial ‘Modest Fashion’ for the Telegraph? 

Animating and Stop-Motion in particular came to us very unexpectedly when a client simply asked us one day if we could do it and we just said yes! Working on cleaner more conventional content was our bread and butter for many years. Now, when those projects come through there’s always a buzz of excitement to exercise those old muscles. The challenges are always centred around working with real-life people which can be much more difficult to wrangle than a bowl of food! But in the same breath, being able to help tell a real-world story is a huge reward in itself.

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