Greatest Hits: Whooli Chen X H&M

26 July 2023

As August comes around, we are taking a moment to reflect on the first half of 2022 and recall some of our most beloved projects. To get the ball rolling, let's take a closer look at Whooli Chen's collaboration with H&M, but first, let's set the scene... Years ago, a mischievous red fox basked in the sun, peacefully inhaling the world. Unbeknownst to the fox, an aspiring illustrator was watching with wonder and a strong desire for creativity. Fast forward, we introduce you to Whooli, a whimsical pseudonym inspired by the Taiwanese word for fox. 


Over the years we have completely fallen in love with Whooli's dreamlike state of illustration, buzzing with a sense of nostalgia and magic. This collection saw her illustrations printed over a variety of clothing items including dresses, jumpers, a jumpsuit, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, pyjamas, bags, scrunchies and other various accessories, bringing to life the playful nature of her designs. 

H&M said in an article about the collaboration: "With a colour palette of warm, soft neutrals and black as a contrast, plus greens, muted pink, turquoise, navy and pop colour accents, the magic of nature and wildlife really comes to life." Whooli added: "I imagined children wandering around a foggy forest filled with flowers and furry animals or heading out on an expedition in search of wild creatures." 

See more of the Whooli Chen magic on her portfolio by clicking here... 

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