Matt Taylor designs his days away down in Brighton, UK's number one creative coastal city. After graduating from Buckinghamshire University he rolled straight into a successful ten year illustration career. Matt has notched up clients as diverse as Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Sony AMC, GQ and even The Elvis Presley Estate. 

On hearing the latter CIA wasn't surprised to discover Matt turns to Americana and classic comic books from the 50's and 60's for inspiration!

Matt taylor, digital vector illustration of Fargo scene. Suspenseful, mysterious car with dead horse and blood. Matt Taylor, comic book style illustration of a man silhouette in a jungle. Minimal green colour palette sci-fi vector graphic illustration of a spaceship with dynamic coloured light trails. Digital illustration of a composition of movie characters. Comic book and science fiction references. Surreal colour palette. Disney Aladdin film poster showing the genie in blue with smoke trails surrounding an Indian palace. Tesselated pattern decorative borders and typography. digital portrait illustration of a fashionable man with long hair and beard. Matt Taylor, graphic, poster art, illustration Matt taylor, digital, illustration, illustrator, graphic, poster art, car , scenery, bold, nature, wildlife, comic, characters, people, space ship, fantasy, adventure Matt Taylor, graphic, poster art, illustration