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Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Sam Gilbey

Sam Gilbey has worked for a wide range of clients including Adidas, Activision, Apple, Edgar Wright, GQ, The Guardian, Lucasfilm, Manga UK, Paramount Pictures, Picturehouse Cinemas, Playstation, Sony Pictures, Twitter and Working Title. His powerfully cinematic, painterly illustrations capture the emotional core of any scene or portrait. Combining digital and analogue techniques Sam's work has been featured in books, magazines, comics and exhibitions worldwide.

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Sam Gilbey

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital film poster of a man at his desk during a snow storm

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital cinematic poster of baby yoda for Empire magazine cover.

Sam  Gilbey, Movie poster composition of Intergalactic for Sky TV, an Original.

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital film poster of Jaws. Sky view of a man in a boat and a shark coming after him

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly movie poster illustration. Man in a car in the background and a glamorous woman in a red dress holding money

Sam  Gilbey, Digital painterly render illustration of the characters of Netflix tv show Stranger things

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly realistic artwork for GymShark advertising Halloween Campaign.

Sam  Gilbey, Digital and painterly portrait of bill murray in the aquatic life of steve zissou

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly poster for Renault advertising with Thierry Henry.

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital Illustration for Gym Shark

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital poster of movie the Godfather

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly illustration for BBC Sounds This Game Changed My Life

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly poster of Hannah Cockroft, sports.

Sam  Gilbey, painterly poster art of Jurassic Park movie

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital film poster.

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly Realistic Illustration Montage of Singer David Bowie.

Sam  Gilbey, Illustration of Anya Taylor Joy from The Queens Gambit.

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly portraits for GQ Magazine

Sam  Gilbey, Digital movie poster illustration for Empire magazine cover

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly digital Disney poster for Onward animation

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly Stranger Things Magazine Cover, portrait.

Sam  Gilbey, Digital painterly illustrated poster of the movie 'ET'.

Sam  Gilbey, Digital painterly illustration of movie DIE HARD

Sam  Gilbey, Train to Busan trilogy steelbooks for @StudiocanalUK.

Sam  Gilbey, Alternative digital painterly poster for college humor show

Sam  Gilbey, Digital painterly illustration of the movie 'Alien'.

Sam  Gilbey, Cinematic painterly poster art illustration for Audi Cars.

Sam  Gilbey, Painterly western film poster.

Sam  Gilbey, Digital painterly poster of an animated film by Wes Anderson, Isle of dogs.

Sam  Gilbey, Realistic painterly cinematic render portrait of Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden

Sam  Gilbey, Digital cinematic poster illustration

Sam  Gilbey, Detailed painterly poster of True Romance pieces for Arrow.

Sam  Gilbey, painterly poster art for eurotunnel.

Sam  Gilbey, Realistic painterly digital poster illustration for Love Spreads.

Sam  Gilbey, Sam Gilbey

Sam  Gilbey, animal at pool like david hockney

Sam  Gilbey, Sam Gilbey True Romance digital painterly portrait of a woman.

Sam  Gilbey, Old style, retro Illustrations for WaxWorks Records Deluxe 3 x LP's for Netflix's The Fear Street Films.