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Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Jitesh Patel

Being an Indian born in England, Jitesh has two cultures to inspire him. The Indian brings out the vibrancy in his richly coloured and patterned work, whereas the British side of him is more considered. He doesn't go a day without working and his sketchbooks go wherever he does. Jitesh's clients include British Airways, John Lewis and HSBC.

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Jitesh Patel

Jitesh Patel, Detailed architectural digital line drawing of independent pub in London.

Jitesh Patel, Realistic line drawing of perfume packaging, watercolour

Jitesh Patel, Doodle art with fine line and typography in a star shape for a shoes campaign

Jitesh Patel, Line art decorative black and white illustration with botanical elements

Jitesh Patel, Detailed line illustration of independent shopfronts throughout London.

Jitesh Patel, Architectural line illustration of three houses

Jitesh Patel, Map of Sri Lanka

Jitesh Patel, Fine line pen illustration of a city scape in black and white with detailed architecture elements

Jitesh Patel, Magazine cover with fine typography

Jitesh Patel, map used on a tea packaging

Jitesh Patel, Black and white line illustration, portrait of David Bowie

Jitesh Patel, Black and white decorative line illustration of birds surrounded by botanical elements

Jitesh Patel, Watercolour map with fine line pencil

Jitesh Patel, doodle art illustration used for beer packaging

Jitesh Patel, Detailed Cartier building in black and white with watercolour

Jitesh Patel, Digital detailed illustration of shopfront in London. Brickwork building, architectural.

Jitesh Patel, Black and white line illustration map of Greenwich with spot illustration as landmark

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Jitesh Patel, Illustrations of condiments using fine line

Jitesh Patel, Interior design line art

Jitesh Patel, doodle art using fine line for a beer packaging

Jitesh Patel, Digital illustration of cafe shopfront in London.

Jitesh Patel, Map with landmarks

Jitesh Patel, Doodle illustration

Jitesh Patel, Line illustration of Brixton market

Jitesh Patel,

Jitesh Patel, Digital detailed drawing of London shopfront.

Jitesh Patel, Architectural line illustration of Spitafields market

Jitesh Patel, Black and white line illustration of two man talking