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Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency


Doaly is a story teller and a conceptual thinker. With a clear obsession for pop culture, his work is characterised by visual metaphors and double entendres. Over the years he has created engaging artwork for a wide range of clients including the BBC, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Wired and Sony Playstation.

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Doaly, Digital painterly film poster for Batman on blue background.

Doaly, Digital textural vintage illustration of a cyclist

Doaly, Conceptual alternative poster art illustration of Wonder Woman

Doaly, Digital painterly illustrated film poster for Classified.

Doaly, Digital painterly illustration of a man playing piano

Doaly, Shang Chi Empire Magazine Cover of man standing with mystical dragon intertwining behind him.

Doaly, Officially licensed art for Doom Patrol & NYCC. Digital poster illustration of characters from Doom Patrol on bright yellow background.

Doaly, Conceptual digital alternative poster of movie the final call. Ballerina on a red and black background, dancing with a blade instead of her legs

Doaly, Digital painterly illustration of a little boy playing with Superman and Batman toys in front of a window

Doaly, Official Artwork Poster for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Doaly, Jaws Movie Poster.

Doaly, Digital alternative movie poster of Superman

Doaly, Doaly

Doaly, Digital alternative poster of movie ghost in the shell.

Doaly, Mad man alternative retro poster illustration. Man in suits from the back in a yellow background. Newspaper article on the bottom

Doaly, Conceptual alternative poster art illustration of Captain America

Doaly, Digital painterly illustration of movie poster Bohemian Rhapsody with Freddie Mercury singing

Doaly, An officially licensed art print for Marvel Studios Loki.

Doaly, Conceptual textural illustration of a women about to dive

Doaly, Race illustration

Doaly, Digital portrait illustration of a woman

Doaly, Graphic and bold digital poster of a plastic bottle in the sea hiding as an iceberg

Doaly, Bold and textural illustration for Nescafé.

Doaly, Doaly

Doaly, Graphic and bold digital poster of Superman flying

Doaly, Alternative digital movie poster of Black Panther.

Doaly, Digital Painterly Illustration Poster of Spiderman.

Doaly, Textural digital poster art of Cars 3.

Doaly, Digital painterly alternative poster of Dumbo the elephant

Doaly, Doaly

Doaly, Shang-Chi Vs The Marvel Universe 6 Variant Cover for Marvel Comics.

Doaly, Pastiche of the fine art painting the scream with spiderman

Doaly, Lord of the Rings alternative poster art. Maps.

Doaly, Personal Digital Poster Artwork for Gravity, with Astronaut in Space.

Doaly, Doaly

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Doaly, Digital poster art of Darth Vador

Doaly, Portrait of Jameela Jamil