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Brian Edward Miller

Based in Colorado, Brian Edward Miller is the artist and illustrator behind Orlin Culture Shop. His work represents an amalgamation of influences born out of an 80’s driven childhood, a family legacy of artists and craftsman, and over a decade of experience as a creative professional. His evocatively stylistic landscapes and vibrantly energetic human figures are brought to life with bold strokes and strong colour palettes. He has created work for a multitude of clients such as REI, Apple, Microsoft, Penguin, Adobe, and more.  

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Brian Edward Miller

Brian Edward Miller, Explore illustration of a hiker standing in between two trees overlooking a beautiful lake and sunlit mountains.

Brian Edward Miller, Strong compositional illustration of man cycling over a city bridge with buildings surrounding him and trees throughout.

Brian Edward Miller, Family adventure illustration for automotive company Land Rover featuring a family arriving at location and spotting a whale in the sea.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital textural illustration of space shuttle, purple galaxy theme.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital illustration detailed of a winter skiing holiday in the forest.

Brian Edward Miller, Family adventure illustration for automotive company Land Rover - digital countryside adventure illustration of 2 cars parked on a lakeside.

Brian Edward Miller, Summer illustration of family round a pool having a BBQ, children playing and chatting.

Brian Edward Miller, Nostalgic warm digital illustration of 3 camping tents lit up near the mountains, landscape background.

Brian Edward Miller, Beautiful digital textural illustration of a natural landscape, river flowing through the land and 2 people kayaking.

Brian Edward Miller, Beautiful digital detailed illustration of 2 hikers looking at a mountain scape.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital textural illustration of a couple sat in a botanical, Japanese inspired modern garden.

Brian Edward Miller, Family adventure digital illustration for Land Rover featuring a car in the dark in the mountains with headlights on.

Brian Edward Miller, Psychedelic digital illustration of 2 astronauts exploring a new planet, dark purple rocks.

Brian Edward Miller, Illustration for Smokey Bear poster.

Brian Edward Miller, Adventure illustration of an explorer in a plane setting off for flight in the American forest.

Brian Edward Miller, Detailed packaging landscape illustration of a lady in a kayak on a river for Devils Backbone Brewing Company .

Brian Edward Miller, Custom poster skiing illustration for Øksendal's Phillipshaugen Lodge of a lady in pink skiwear, holding skies with snowy mountains in the background.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital detailed textural illustration of an alien red planet, with a main character standing on a rock. Sunset, bright rich red colour palette. Narrative.

Brian Edward Miller, Detailed digital illustration of a family sat round a campfire toasting marshmallows.

Brian Edward Miller, Warm textural illustration of a woman holding a surfboard looking out to sea at sunset.

Brian Edward Miller, Sci-fi adventure purple illustration for Jake Burt's children's book “Cleo Porter And The Body Electric", published by Macmillan.

Brian Edward Miller, Poster illustration for cycling brand Raleigh USA.

Brian Edward Miller, Winter illustration for Beekman 1802  for their limited edition “Twinkle Twinkle Little Farm” holiday packaging.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital textural illustration of people at a bar drinking cocktails and beer, with couple holding hands.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital textural detailed painterly illustration of a ship sailing between mountains.

Brian Edward Miller, Sci fi illustration of a city in space.

Brian Edward Miller, Scary sci fi illustration of monsters and ghouls in a dark cave.

Brian Edward Miller, Digital redesign illustration of a hero robot for MalwaresBytes.