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Alice Pattullo

A Brighton graduate now working in East London, Alice is a collector of folklore, junk and all sorts of ephemera from the dusty history books of the British isles. She simultaneously works on commercial work alongside producing fine art prints which have been found at establishments such as the V&A and Liberty's to name a few. With research at the heart of her practice, her playful works are crammed with decorative detail and authentic heritage. 

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Alice Pattullo

Alice Pattullo, Hand printed detailed illustration in a folk art style of an explorer travelling and studying plants<br>

Alice Pattullo, Hand printed poster of apotropaic Devices for the Home. Alice Pattullo Printmaking.<br>

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo decorative book cover illustration of butterflies, with botanical elements throughout.

Alice Pattullo, Illustration and logo produced for NY based nursery and flower farm, Seed-On-Hudson including plant varieties Katie grows as well as local landmarks in Hasting-on-Hudson where she is based.

Alice Pattullo, V&A 2023 advent calendar

Alice Pattullo, blue printmaking spot food illustration and table elements in an etching style

Alice Pattullo, Alice Patullo

Alice Pattullo, Bright and colourful screenprint book cover illustration of a lion and a unicorn fighting in a ring

Alice Pattullo, Folklore illustration of a family playing music in the sunshine.

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo series of spot food illustrations printmaking etching style.

Alice Pattullo, 'Telling The Bees' Screenprint of a beekeeper in their garden amongst botanicals and flowers. Decorative yellow illustration.

Alice Pattullo, Cover illustrations for 'The Folio Book Of Food and Drink' published by Folio Society in 2017. Photos from Folio Society.

Alice Pattullo, 'Topiary' limited edition 3 colour screen print by Alice Pattullo.<br>

Alice Pattullo, The 'Consequence Loop' animated & illustrated by Alice Pattullo, featuring a group of playful cartoon-like characters as part of the 'Heads, Bodies & Legs' printed book.

Alice Pattullo, Heritage style hand printed portrait illustration

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo decorative printmaking historical illustration of Soho Manufactory, shoes and jewellery.

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo heritage style decorative food illustration in an etching style

Alice Pattullo, Screenprint folk colourful illustration of retro looking women riding horses in a carousel

Alice Pattullo, Book cover with architectural element

Alice Pattullo, Wine label illustrations produced with Alessandri Design for wine packaging for Heidi Schroeck wine.<br>

Alice Pattullo, Illustration for the Fortnum & Mason Merry Go Round Musical Biscuit Tin, designed by Design Bridge.<br>Turn the tin and it will play 'La Traviata' as it revolves and you ruminate over which biscuit to choose.

Alice Pattullo, Detailed intricate illustrated poster of independent artist trades including bakers, artists, florists, screen printers etc.

Alice Pattullo, Cooking book cover. Linocut style spot illustrations of food elements

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo illustration of 2 women. Printmaking, decorative, screen print, nostalgic.

Alice Pattullo, Decorative wallpaper illustration inspired by nature, nostalgia, flora and fauna and childhood memories. <br>

Alice Pattullo, Traditional print illustration of a tortoise with flowers growing from the shell.

Alice Pattullo, Traditional screen print illustration of Higgins and Sons.

Alice Pattullo, Traditional detailed print illustration in a folk art style of haberdashery items including embroidery, beads, pins, sewing threads and scissors.

Alice Pattullo, Black and white illustrations of furniture for book 'The Elements of a Home - Curious Histories behind Everyday Household Objects from Pillows to Forks'. By Amy Azzarito. Published by Chronicle Books 2020.

Alice Pattullo, Alice Pattullo detailed decorative folklore illustration of people picking mushrooms at night.  Botanical details, screen print aesthetic.

Alice Pattullo, St George's Day Patron Saint of England Google Doodle

Alice Pattullo, Folk art traditional illustration

Alice Pattullo, Traditional screen print illustration of Kew Gardens

Alice Pattullo, The Print Shop, packaging project.

Alice Pattullo, Packaging project 'Heads Bodies & Legs'.