26 October 2017

The Magic of Science

In collaboration with the Science museum, published by Thames and Hudson, Harriet Russel's book "this book thinks you're a Scientist" is a fun introduction to science for primary school children. For all the scientific apprentice's who ever wondered how to levitate paper clips, make water freeze instantly or even bend light, this book have been made for you!

Lettering Illustration Typography

23 August 2017

An Incredible Journey!

Be prepared to take a journey around the world and back again with Jill Calder's Picture Atlas, published by Bloomsbury. It's about to hit the shelves and it's jam packed full of creatures and characters, and more colour than you can throw a cockatoo at. 

Jill Calder Picture Atlas

17 November 2016

Sassy Science

Following on from a long, exciting project with Waitrose (watch this space) the ubiquitous Paul Wearing just completed a series of scientific illustrations for Stanford Medicine Magazine. This selection feature on the cover, opening page and in spot illos for a feature on diagnostics. Cor!


28 April 2016

Virtual Specs

Mario Wagner illuminates the experience of virtual glasses with his futuristic, digital illustration for Libération Magazine. He's got flair for days, combining crafty collage with digital vectors. When Mario is on the job, there's always the potential for a dynamic visual explosion!

25 April 2016


Here's a sneak peek at the line art of comic genius and punchy illustrator John Royle. We give you his cover for the new IDW publishing 'Action Man' reboot, also starring Marvels cult 70/80s robot ROM Spaceknight. The new publication is set in Stone Henge, anchoring it to a British following and ackowledging it's heritage. Action Man was the uk version of American comic series G.I.Joe and ran for 138 issues between 1996 and 18 January 2006. 

21 April 2016

Heart of Darkness

The Radio Time's called in Darren Hopes for a two part series called 'The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness'


The series is based a psychic investigator who goes on a religious retreat in the highlands, only to face his final investigation when he discovers how the people of the village have become alienated by the views of the retreats host. His few days away become a life-changing reckoning with his psychic abilities...


We think Darren's illustrative capacity in creating eerie scenes with ominous, isolated figures fits the bill perfectly. We're not perturbed..

30 March 2016

Machine Man

With a world run by machines, computers, buttons and the world wide web, Christian Northeast's robotic specimen is feeling futuristic. But how future are we talking? We've all seen the movies...perhaps a certain illustrator is plotting his takeover and we are in fact looking at a Machine Man that can deliver blog posts on time on demand 24/7. Better watch out!

30 November 2015

Learn to Draw...

Easter Island heads with Richard Wilkinson and possibly win your own copy of his magnificently illustrated book Historium! Full details available from The Guardian's childrens book section here.

5 October 2015

Mario Wagner's cosmetic surgery

Over the last decade cosmetic surgery has been completely normalised and is now offered on high streets up and down Europe. Though, for men it's still a minor consideration with under 7,000 men in the UK going under the knife last year,


Mario Wagner has creatively collaged a couple of gorgeous illustrations for Next, a supplement of Liberation France and their article on male plastic surgery.

29 July 2015

New Artist Dale Edwin Murray

Dale is a rare breed of self-taught illustrators, influenced by Hip-hop culture, skateboard graphics, Bluenote record sleeves and Scandinavian folk art... this hotchpotch of influences has manifested itself in a slick but hugely adaptable style. He likes to mix up the digital precision of vector illustration with the idiosyncrasies of traditional screenprint texture all with a sunsoaked colour palette and an equally warm sense of humor.

Dale new