20 August 2018

Emily Brontë

Sarah J Coleman’s obsession with Emily Brontë has been fulfilled when she got asked by Harpercollins to illustrate the re-edition of her emblematic novel “Wuthering Heights” for her 200th birthday celebration. A cover keeping up with the esteemed heights of this mythical book. 

6 August 2018

Welcome to the Museum

Welcome To The Museum is the latest book illustrated by Ruby Taylor with Puffin. This engaging and innovative format is filled with press-out pieces and stickers as well as a book full of tips on how to create your very own museum - the perfect gift for all of those young and curious minds. 

26 July 2018

Who's a Good Boy?

After illustrating the book “Survivors”, an incredible real-life stories of extreme survivals, Kerry Hyndman is back with the second part of David Long’s trilogy “Heroes”, which this time concerns animal bravery! We love the story of Jet the Alsatian dog who became a hero of the Blitz, pulling survivors from burning rubble, night after night. A beautifully illustrated book realised on the 4th of October! 

12 July 2018

Pocket Guide

Did you know tortoises could live up to 170 years? Get reading and then take your book out into the wild to become an expert in reptiles and marine mammals with Alice Pattullo's fully illustrated pocket guides. 

11 July 2018

Book Festival

Book nerds, this one is for you. Edinburgh International Book Festival will launch on the 11th of August and CIA artist Jill Calder will be a featured artist! Jill will be participating in two events, both on August 14th, starting with “The Lives of Illustrators” which reveal their deepest secrets about children’s illustration, followed by an epic drawing adventure investigating the world like never before with her latest book ‘The Picture Atlas’. Tickets to the Book Festival on sale, see you there! 

children illustrators

6 July 2018

Double Agent

Dark, minimalist with faceless shadows, Matt Taylor’s series of illustrations mirror perfectly the mysterious atmosphere of John Le Carre’s book “The Spy Who Came in From The Cold”. With a cinematic and narrative flair hard to equal, Matt has become, over the years, the art director’s favourite artist for film poster artwork.  

29 June 2018


Harriet Taylor Seed has illustrated a remarkable series of portraits of the people who have influenced her. From childhood through formative teenage years, into her time at university and through her career. In order of appearance: Coco Chanel, Prince, Zandra Rhodes, Paul Simon, Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, Joseph Cornell, RuPaul, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, David Hockney, Yayoi Kusama, Jarvis Cocker, Celia Birtwell, Tallulah from Bugsy Malone and Eric Carle. 

25 June 2018

Feel The Squeeze

Tobatron has decked the pages of Which? Travel Magazine with his instructional illustrations depicitng 'that shrinking feeling' you get when travelling on economy flights. This article will give you tips on the best seats in economy class!



20 June 2018

Edge Of The World

He's one of our newer guys - Shan Jiang produced a timelessly stylish cover for 'Journey To The Edge of The World.' Get your hands on this to find a wealth of intrictae landscapes and cultures, illustrated by Shan and ready to be coloured in. 

18 June 2018

Where's Fivey?

Uijung Kim illustrates a playful piece with a hidden mascot 'Fivey". Can you spot him? Illustrated for Scottish Power who are sponsoring Marathons, commissioned by Leith. Great characters and what a celebratory scene!