5 March 2018

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Sam Gilbey has made it onto the cover of The Guide, the Guardian’s weekend magazine, with a portrait of Krysten Ritter as Marvel’s heroine Jessica Jones. His hand-rendered realistic digital paintings have already attracted prestigious clients such as Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, as well as officially licensed posters for  Marvel’s Avengers, Universal Studios and Monty Python. Stay tuned for Jessica Jones Season 2 (8th March on Netflix), the actress even shared the cover on her social media!

Painterely Illustrator

2 March 2018

New Artist Ruby Taylor!

It's Friday, and what better way to send you off into the weekend than with a new artist announcement! Ruby Taylor collects inspiration in everything around her, but is especially drawn to old printed ephemera, vintage illustration and hand painted signage. Colour plays an important role in her work and each colour palette is meticulously selected resulting in her distinctive style full of warmth and fun in equal measure. She has worked with clients such as Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Tory Burch and Adidas.

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16 February 2018

The Darkest Hour

It’s certainly no dark hour for Mads Berg - when he is not busy illustrating posters in his distinctive Art Deco and vintage style, he is working on an array of exciting commissions. Most recently for the New York Times for an article about Churchill. The release of the movie ’The Darkest Hour' based on Churchill s first days as prime minister, has created some intrigue for his personal narrative and how just one man brought a spark of hope to his nation. 

Vintage illustrator

15 February 2018


Mario Wagner has a particular fascination with technology and sci-fi fantasy. He creates worlds with visionary and cinematic intrigue, where the possibilities of technology are limitless. His distinctive style is a blend of vintage collage and digital illustration which create dynamic retro-futurist visuals. As Mario is churning out the illustration, like the super machine that he is, there’s always more to look forward to. 

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13 February 2018

Not so Scary

You probably know Stephen Collins for his hilarious weekly comics for The Guardian Weekend, well here are more hilarious Comics for a less hilarious topic. 'Time To Talk' is a campaign aiming to break the silence around mental health problems and encourage everyone to talk about it. We are proud to see one of our illustrators fighting for the good cause and doing it so well. Just because we can’t see the ailment, doesn’t mean we should hide away and cope in silence. So, get chatting and ask your friends how they’re doing. Conversation is a cure!

Comic illustrator

7 February 2018

Generation Alpha

When babies seem to grasp technology more quickly than you, it’s kind of worrying. Editorial illustrator Dale Edwin Murray perfectly capture the sense of the problem for Oryx Magazine “Generation Alpha will be the first entire generation to have technology seamlessly integrated into their lives”. Vibrant and sharp, Edwin’s illustrations always offers insight and a strong narrative thread to the words they accompany. 

Vector Illustrators

6 February 2018

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The paper craft wizard, Andy Singleton, has been commissioned to create a cover design for Easyjet inspired by their feature on Estonia and its magical expanse of forest. Andy has hidden a Wolpertinger in the landscape, a Easter European mythical hybrid creature of a rabbit with antlers, fangs, wings and webbed feet. Be careful out in those woods on your own! Known for his large installations for luxury brands, it’s great to see Andy’s work realised in three dimensional splendour wrapped into a small scale narrative. 

Paper Craft Illustrator

5 February 2018


Ahoy There aka Ross Crawford is the front cover of Which? Magazine, dedicated to consumer rights. Ross is the guy who will sort you out if you need some fresh & punchy typography, or dynamic & smart graphic design, or even illustration. Well, it seems like Ross is the guy you need for pretty much everything, you can modestly call him a creative genius. 

Typography Illustrators

30 January 2018


Tatiana Boyko is providing the tonic for what has so far been a pretty grey start to the year in London. Tatiana's poster art for Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett is providing bundles of cheer,. The choice of colour harks back to seventies retro paired with a contemporary application of style. We're in love and feeling groovy.  

25 January 2018

With or Without

You might qualify his humour as irreverent or devilish, but it doesn’t stop us giggling. Sure, he can tone it back, but we think this is Toby at his observational best. With a list of clients like Time Out, The Guardian and The Times, Tobatron is the “go to” guy for infographic illustration. We hope you enjoy those as much as we do…

Infographic Illustration