18 June 2018

Where's Fivey?

Uijung Kim illustrates a playful piece with a hidden mascot 'Fivey". Can you spot him? Illustrated for Scottish Power who are sponsoring Marathons, commissioned by Leith. Great characters and what a celebratory scene! 

15 June 2018

News from Toby Leigh

He's punchy and has a mind full of visual quips - and he ain't afraid to get a bit gritty with it. We love Toby Leigh's latest editorial illustrations he's produced for Air France and more. He's a sneak peak at some highlights. 


13 June 2018


Tasty and Zesty - it's Kerry Hyndman's sweet summery graphic illustration for Harper Colllins. Kerry is a prolific artist in the publishing world and well known for her beautiful packaging work with Waitrose. We're excited to share some more summer work with you soon. 

11 June 2018

Shop Mag

Since joining CIA she hasn't stopped! Deanna Halsall was asked to design and illustrate the cover for Shop Mag, one of our favourite boutique clients, with an impressive history of sought after artists. We are very proud to show this pocket sized piece off!



7 June 2018

Casual Dining

Bold, punchy with distinctive typography treatment, that can only be the work of Ahoy There, conducted by captain illustrator Ross Crawford. Commissioned by The Times, Ross has created an infographic design responding to the economic threat on “casual dining”  - it looks like a hard time for street restaurants such as Prezzo, Jamie’s Italian and Nando’s. 

18 May 2018

Hong Kong

Quirky and humorous, yet flawless in style, it’s safe to say we all admire Martin Haake’s tenacity. Martin loves playing with scale and perspective, and there is something very charming about it. This Hong Kong map is from his “City Atlas” book, can you spot the wishing tree? 

collage illustrator

10 May 2018

May The Force Be With You

An astonishing treatment of light and depth in this Star Wars art…no doubt, this is the work of Dan Mumford. Dan has a soft spot for pop culture, it’s no wonder Empire Magazine, the film and series experts, have commissioned Dan for their last cover! Jedis, get your popcorn ready for the next episode “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

Cinematic illustrator

8 May 2018


Pointless or necessary, dangerous or inefficient, some laws are just absurd. Stephen Collins has illustrated the craziest laws around the world for Reader’s Digest - a combination of a witty mind and flowing pen create these results! Did you know that the Swiss are allowed to hike naked or that aliens are forbidden to land in vineyards? On another note, although Stephen is best known for his comics, he has other tricks in his hat... He will be publishing his second book “Baby’s first bank Heist” in June - stay tuned!

Comic illustrator

2 May 2018


Meet the phantasmagoric mind of Neal Fox - a punk world without rules, where the impossible meets the possible and where time and space are meaningless. Neal has a unique, surreal and sometimes wonderfully macabre way of depicting society and pop culture. Here is the portrait of the Godfather for an interview with Francis Ford Coppola Noble Rot magazine. 

25 April 2018

The Con Casebook

The strength of Gary Neil’s work is being able to sum up any idea into a vibrant, colourful conceptual illustration - his art is all about delivering a message. That’s probably why Saga Publishing have given him a regular spot - in today’s topic, an article about avoiding all sorts of fraud.  

Conceptual Illustrator