15 August 2018


With such a conceptual and narrative way of working, Dale Edwin Murray can translate any subject into something engaging. Dale’s most recent reveal is an artwork for Spike Lee’s movie - an incredible true story of an African American detective infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan. 

14 August 2018

Blue Label

A second in line to Jonny Wan's work with Jonnie Walker Blue Label Whisky. This limited edition design beautifully depicts the character and charm of Peru. 

8 August 2018

Hero Combo

With a growing resurgence of 'hand-painted' film posters, CIA artists and cinema junkies Sam Gilbey & Doaly have been busy creating great posters of our favourite movies. Both feature on Digital Arts giving us some insight on their passion for pop culture. “It’s a real joy to work with movie properties, when a new brief comes in you always have to pinch yourself because you get to work in a field you love.” Doaly

3 August 2018

East Meets West

Earlier this year, Maison Hennessy launched a campaign to paid tribute to the Cognac’s rich history and long-standing connection with the Chinese community by celebrating the Chinese Year of the Dog. It was an evidence for them to call on the talents of Chinese artist Shan Jiang capable to infuse contemporary concepts with traditional symbols “The Shanghai-born, London-based artist is renowned for bridging worlds with his uniquely poetic, multi-layered aesthetic. For Hennessy, he heralds the festive season with a vibrant work, rich in symbolism.” We now let you enjoy the masterpiece “East Meets West” 


2 August 2018

Stephen Millership

Stephen Millership has just embarked on the CIA mothership! Influenced by the golden age of travel posters, The Manchester-based artist incorporates a modern twist in his work. Stephen’s illustrations bring to life the tallest buildings, longest bridges, biggest statues and many more structures from around the world aiming to make the unattractive, attractive, to give a greater appreciation of loved and some not so loved subjects. Over the years, Stephen has worked with National Trust, London Transport Museum, National Museum of Scotland, The Barbican… 

1 August 2018

The Golden Days of Racing

For the second year, Jonas Bergstrand was invited to create the official GANT posters for the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans. This year he drew inspiration from the golden age of motorsports. “We wanted to highlight the importance of teamwork. It's an essential theme of the collection and the posters show that a successful race is won not only by the driver or the car but the entire team behind them.”




31 July 2018


Gary Neil is a regular contribtuor to editorial commissions. His vibrant, narrative and conceptual style lands him frequent work with the biggest magazines and newspapers. For The New York Times Gary has managed to make something potentially quite explosive, very impacting in this moving gif for a complex article involving Republicans, banks and guns.

26 July 2018

Who's a Good Boy?

After illustrating the book “Survivors”, an incredible real-life stories of extreme survivals, Kerry Hyndman is back with the second part of David Long’s trilogy “Heroes”, which this time concerns animal bravery! We love the story of Jet the Alsatian dog who became a hero of the Blitz, pulling survivors from burning rubble, night after night. A beautifully illustrated book realised on the 4th of October! 

24 July 2018

Grace Jones

Grace Beverly Jones is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and supermodel record producer and actress. Benjamin Wachenje has captured her most iconic look in his bright, street pop style. A regular contributor to the Guardian and Rolling Stone, Benjamin has also collaborated with Timberland, Levi's, Virgin Atlantic and Rockstar Games.

19 July 2018


Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, but its potential importance to higher education has not yet been broadly recognised. It can be described as a form of meditation and a way of living. It is a mental discipline that involves not only sharpening present-moment attention but also cultivating the attitude with which we pay attention: one of curiosity, acceptance, openness and compassion. So, feel the power of now with this illustration by Mick Marston for The Times Education Supplement.