4 June 2018

Emotional States

Inspired by Charles Darwin’s seven universal emotions, Andy Singleton has collaborated with design agency Pentagram and photographer John Ross on this series of expressive and intricate paper masks for the London Design Biennale’s identity. Darwin’s theory stated that all humans show a shared universal range of emotions regardless of culture: anger, fear, surprise, disgust, joy, sadness and contempt. The mask abstracts these behaviours by replacing human faces with more avant-garde paper interpretations. The 2018 festival, centred around the theme of emotional states and exploring how design affects all aspects of our lives, will be taking over Somerset House from 4-23 September 2018.

Paper Craft Artist

1 June 2018

Marcos Farina

Let’s celebrate June with our new signing straight from Argentina, Marcos Farina! Marcos studied graphic design & handmade printing techniques and is now teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Buenos Aires. His clean illustrative style is playful and unique with a carefully selected palette rooted in retro. With ingenuity and a sprinkle of humour, Marcos tackles complex concepts, always seeking a simple, beautifully structured outcome. 


childrens illustrators

31 May 2018

Viable Design

With a very versatile style, Paul Oakley’s work is adaptable to a broad audience and you’ll find his style splashed through the world of fashion, advertising and publishing. Paul uses bold graphic vectors and negative spaces to create impactful and elegant illustrations. This illustration has been created for an annual report on sustainability. 

Vector Illustrators

30 May 2018

Mamma Mia, Tortillas!

Midnight feast eater, professional snacker, greedy devourer, this one is for you. Let’s appreciate tortillas’ brand “Manomasa” first-ever campaign by our beloved Ricardo Cavolo. Bringing the essence of the tortillas’ spirit, Ricardo created six stunning designs as well as online films. Tortillas, a serious topic. 

Hand Drawn Illustrator

29 May 2018

The Wild Year Book

Here is a book to oppose human hibernation, packed full of adventures, games and crafts that will get your children outdoors all year round with no excuse to stay in playing video games. A unique hand-crafted feel book cover illustrated by CIA’s artist Harriet Taylor Seed

pattern artist

25 May 2018

Hot Graphics!

Fresh out of the oven, the new London Stock Exchange Group’s campaign for their annual report of “1000 companies to Inspire”. Parko Polo, the alter ego of illustrator Edward McGowan has created info graphic designs illustrating the fastest growing and the most innovating enterprises in the UK which will shape the future.  

24 May 2018

Margaux on Show

Our favourite French artist, Margaux Carpentier, will be showing her work in the capital of love from today until the 25th of June. Her exhibition “the secret life of being” epitomise perfectly the earthy nature of her art as well as her folk-tastic narrative scenery. Margaux’s illustrations sit in the sweet spot between a painterly tone and graphic vector style, a real feast for the eyes! 

23 May 2018

New CIA Genius

We are so excited about our latest signing, Shan Jiang! Originally from Shanghai, Shan is now based in London where he works for an enviable list of clients such as Nike, Apple, Toyota, Volvo, The Guardian… Shan’s art is strongly influenced by his Chinese roots and its flourishing subcultures. His fantastical and detailed illustrations are a burst of colour and energy, packed with bewitching narratives and psychedelic dream-like environments.

Digital Illustrator

22 May 2018

Tiger, Tiger

An eclectic world of adventure and curiosity await you at The Trading House. This gastro pub in the heart of the city required an exotic pattern with diverse elements that could also be used as standalone illustrations. Find this wildly beautiful design by Charlotte Day on all printed materials, menus and social platforms for The Trading House

21 May 2018


We are delighted to announce The Baron Chris Gilvan's  painting 'Seabed' is one of the winners of the Wytham Hall Painting Prize  which was presented last night by Brian Eno.