22 February 2018

Mason London

We are delighted to welcome some fresh blood here at CIA. Known under the mysterious pseudonym of Mason London, Joe Prytherch can turn any project into something cool and energetic, referencing popular culture with a mix of sensitive observational work and punchy, humorous surrealism.

Hugely influenced by hip-hop and underground music, it’s as the art director for the online music platform Boiler Room that Joe started his career before becoming a full-time illustrator and animator. His style has already been adopted by brands like Nike or Adidas and record labels such as Stones Throw among others. He’s even proven himself as a one-man powerhouse of animation, producing an entire music video from scratch in 6 weeks.

Digital Illustrator

21 February 2018

Web of Silence

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many other industries have decided to speak out about allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power. It’s the turn of the Royal Academy of Dance to speak some hard truths and open up the floor to discussion. They denounce in their magazine “Dance Gazette” stories of abuse and denial in the realm of classical ballet. Accompanying these hard to hear tales, the powerful illustration by Deanna Halsall whose approach is both sensitive and impacting. 

Vector Illustrator

20 February 2018

Star Portrait

Our Graham has been busy creating exciting new pieces for his portfolio that are full of charm. With fresh springlike colours and pleasant muted shading, his portfolio is full of playful puns and endearing characters, Graham's dry northern wit is sprinkled with optimism in this lovely body of work

19 February 2018

Illustration Marathon

What an achievement for Sarah J Coleman, aka Inkymole, who has created 80 illustrations for Andrea Gibson’s new poetry book, 'Take Me With You'. Recently published, the book is full of inspirational messages on love, gender, politics, sexuality, family and forgiveness. Grab a copy and get clued up.

Typography Illustrators

16 February 2018

The Darkest Hour

It’s certainly no dark hour for Mads Berg - when he is not busy illustrating posters in his distinctive Art Deco and vintage style, he is working on an array of exciting commissions. Most recently for the New York Times for an article about Churchill. The release of the movie ’The Darkest Hour' based on Churchill s first days as prime minister, has created some intrigue for his personal narrative and how just one man brought a spark of hope to his nation. 

Vintage illustrator

15 February 2018


Mario Wagner has a particular fascination with technology and sci-fi fantasy. He creates worlds with visionary and cinematic intrigue, where the possibilities of technology are limitless. His distinctive style is a blend of vintage collage and digital illustration which create dynamic retro-futurist visuals. As Mario is churning out the illustration, like the super machine that he is, there’s always more to look forward to. 

collage illustrator

14 February 2018

Chocolate feast

Uplifting, joyful and spring-like imagery for Godiva’s Valentine’s Campaign by Jessie Ford. Go run to the shop and get a box for your other half or even just for yourself. Approved by the CIA’s office! Little Valentine’s fact: It was originally a day to celebrate Saint Valentinus, who performed weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. He was imprisoned for this and wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer before he was executed signing ‘From your Valentine’. He was buried on February 14th. OK... now go bury yourself in chocolate!

Graphic Illustrator

14 February 2018

Love & Yoghurt

It's Valentines day, hoorah. I'm sure we are expected to show you some kind of humorous satirical piece on the perils of romance because, y'know, we're funny like that. This year we're making a change, getting cute and showing off a spectacular project by a truly tremendous artist. Aitch has worked with Chobani to create a fully fledged campaign for their rebrand and release of their latest product. You can see her work beautifully animated over here. Until then, here's some brand illustration, some delicious yoghurt and some super huge lovin' from us. 



13 February 2018

Not so Scary

You probably know Stephen Collins for his hilarious weekly comics for The Guardian Weekend, well here are more hilarious Comics for a less hilarious topic. 'Time To Talk' is a campaign aiming to break the silence around mental health problems and encourage everyone to talk about it. We are proud to see one of our illustrators fighting for the good cause and doing it so well. Just because we can’t see the ailment, doesn’t mean we should hide away and cope in silence. So, get chatting and ask your friends how they’re doing. Conversation is a cure!

Comic illustrator

12 February 2018

Botanical Notes

Make a note of this beautiful botanical series of cards created for CATH TATE by non other than painterly genius Charlotte Day. The brief asked for highly decorative, vintage style artwork that reflected British gardens. These are intricate and fresh take on vintage! You can get your green fingers on an array of designs over here