18 July 2018


We have a tasty summery spread for you by clay model artist Clay Disarray. Titled 'The Inedibles' this series is both bold and playful - a great insight into how graphic the results can be. Make sure you check out Clay's full portfolio over here. 

17 July 2018

70 Years of NHS

It's just passed the mark celebrating 70 years of the NHS. Esteemed CIA artist Sir Peter Blake helps commemorate the occasion with his bold, iconic design. Read more about it over at It's Nice That.


16 July 2018

World Cup

Mason London's illustrations often capture small moments in subculture,s much like a photograph snapshot his work can illuminate details we often miss. It feels fitting to share these social scenes, from around the world as we follow the football in every pub and on every screen with rapture.

12 July 2018

Pocket Guide

Did you know tortoises could live up to 170 years? Get reading and then take your book out into the wild to become an expert in reptiles and marine mammals with Alice Pattullo's fully illustrated pocket guides. 

11 July 2018

Book Festival

Book nerds, this one is for you. Edinburgh International Book Festival will launch on the 11th of August and CIA artist Jill Calder will be a featured artist! Jill will be participating in two events, both on August 14th, starting with “The Lives of Illustrators” which reveal their deepest secrets about children’s illustration, followed by an epic drawing adventure investigating the world like never before with her latest book ‘The Picture Atlas’. Tickets to the Book Festival on sale, see you there! 

children illustrators

10 July 2018

Smart City


Google is planning to turn the city of Toronto into a futuristic smart city driven by data and connectivity. It could be the coolest new neighbourhood on the planet or just a real scale guinea-pig experience. The idea is to reimagine Toronto’s neglected waterfront as “the first neighbourhood built from the internet up” as Sidewalk (a sister company of Google) describes. Our CGI artist Ben Fearnley has imagined how the city would look for Politico magazine. 

CGI illustrator

6 July 2018

Double Agent

Dark, minimalist with faceless shadows, Matt Taylor’s series of illustrations mirror perfectly the mysterious atmosphere of John Le Carre’s book “The Spy Who Came in From The Cold”. With a cinematic and narrative flair hard to equal, Matt has become, over the years, the art director’s favourite artist for film poster artwork.  

5 July 2018


Mexican painter and feminist icon Frida Kahlo has been a source of inspiration to many artists during the last century. To celebrate her 111th birthday, we are sharing portraits by our very own CIA artists. From the minimal graphic style of Stan Chow to the quirky clay models of Clay Disarray, Frida’s portrait has been overly represented over the years. She hugely influenced Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo who shares her taste for symbolism “She had her own way of explaining life through her art, and that’s not so common” and has recently been illustrated by Margaux Carpentier for her exhibition at the V&A.

4 July 2018

It’s Coming Home

After the nerve-wracking match we witnessed yesterday, half of England is probably still wiping the beer off their ceiling and resting their vocal chords. England has just reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup for the first time in 12 years… For the occasion, we are sharing an illustration Jonas Bergstrand made for the Fifa Museum in Zurich a couple of years ago. It’s coming home! 

Vintage Illustrators

3 July 2018

The Otto

A breeze of summer just landed in the UK and brought with it the joyful work of Aitch working her magic in rebranding a new residential scheme in Hackney. Inspired by the green expanse of Hackney Downs, Aitch’s playful pattern is based on a variety of plants that are indigenous to the area.

Folk Illustrator