22 March 2018

The Butcher Du Jour

Here we unveil a complete rebrand for The Ginger Pig, the best meat producer in the UK which became the most talked-about butcher in London supplying some of the city’s top restaurants. Who better to capture the history and heritage of the company than traditional illustrator and printmaker, Alice Pattullo, whose personal interest in decoration and detail celebrates the beauty of everyday objects. We’ll have a dozen of that please Pattullo!

21 March 2018

Call him Sir

Peter Horridge, one of the earliest artist’s to join CIA, has been handed an unusual project…as one of the world’s leading practitioners of calligraphy and typography, Apple's chief designer Sir Jonathan Ive has asked Peter to create his personal crest. A stunning result with his distinctive fluidity of line.  

Typography Illustrators

20 March 2018

Sew chic!

Anna Higgie’s work naturally covers a broad spectrum, there is very little she can’t turn her hand to. When she is not busy working on books, murals or on music posters, she is creating textile's design. Sew Over It, a London based fabric shop, already used Anna’s talent last year to create their packaging for the brand’s craft kits and sewing patterns. This time, they’ve commissioned her to design 9 patterns for their fabric collection. Dust off your sewing kit and get sticking in these lovely patterns!

portrait illustrator

19 March 2018

Winning Hiker

Big ups to our super fabulous in-house animation team Dog and Rabbit who have won the best TV/Film Graphics Award in the British Animation Awards announced last week. The film titled 'Hiker' is a one minute ident for the Travel Channel featuring a little man and an excited goat animated to scale over video footage shot in Dawlish Warren in Devon.


This is a very prestigious award to win in the animation industry and we couldn't be more proud. Check out the film in all it's superb glory over here.


15 March 2018

Clay Disarray

It's Friday and to end the week at CIA we have the good news of welcoming Lizzie Campbell better known as Clay Disarray. As her name implies, Lizzie is a clay artist. She mostly creates amazing and very realistic movie posters in various genres, generously doused in humour. But it’s her apparent penchants for darker themes which excite us the most! We can't wait to see her handmade models move in animation. 

Clay artist

15 March 2018

A Cave of Wonders

Travel back in time with the book “wonders of the world’s museums”, beautifully illustrated by CIA artist Harriet Taylor Seed and in collaboration with artist Peter Malone. Discover the most fascinating and mysterious objects found in museums and astonishing stories of how treasures were created, found and displayed. Take a deep breath and open up this trove of treasures

Pattern Illustrators

14 March 2018


Neoclassicism with a twist! This is humbly how we would describe David de las Heras's unique style. He creates perfect harmony between shadow and light. With a narrative approach, David’s endearing and expressive portraits have led him to an exhibition at the Art fair “Drawing Room” in Madrid, a real treat for the eyes! 

Painterely Illustrator

13 March 2018

Born Bad Records

Crazy, bold, psychedelic, surrealist, bizarre, eye catching…there are a lot of adjectives to qualify Elzo Durt’s work but we all agree to say that as mind-boggling as his collages are, we all love it! That’s probably why the record label Born Bad Records has been commissioning Elzo for years and even published a book of his best work. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the indie-rock label has decided to pay homage to Elzo Durt, the mastermind behind their branded artwork. His combined reference points of Art Nouveau, underground culture and loud colour, creates truly inimitable illustrations. 

collage illustrator

12 March 2018

Family Feud

Brosmind is a family business, like in every family and in every business, they sometimes have conflicted point of views. Brothers Juan and Alejandro have a totally different and unusual approach of how to resolve those conflicts and this must be why we love them so much. They started developing a series of technological gadgets to ingeniously unlock any dead end situations about decision making.


Let us introduce you the FlipCoin which is making binary decisions much easier.“ By pressing its' only button, we will jump to a nice animated coin, which at the fall will randomly show the face of Juan or Alejandro”. The Brosmind Dunk offers a method for making decisions less immediate than the launch of a coin. “It is ideal for situations where you are discussing issues with a certain depth where it is not advisable to make hot decisions.” The system consists of a two-player basketball game, in which the winner will be the one whose opinion will be accepted. And finally, for extreme situations that can affect the existence of the study or family cohesion, the Family Business. “In this case it is a 4 players fighting video game, starring all the members of our family. The system offers many possible results. If nobody agrees, logically the game will end when there is only one character left standing”.

Vector Illustrators

9 March 2018


We can add yet another prestigious designer collaboration to the list for artist Ricardo Cavolo! Following on from Bally, Zara an Alexander McQueen, the iconic Spanish artist has illustrated a collection of bags for the brand If Bags. Inspired by the painter Frida Kahlo, Ricardo shares her taste for symbolism. “A piece of art is not always something standing in a museum. Sometimes it is something you can keep with yourself.”

Hand Drawn Illustrators