Nestlé: Jessie Ford and Dog & Rabbit team up to create this years Christmas card!

07 December 2023

"The lovely team at Nestle approached me with the honour of producing their Christmas card for this year. The card needed to be fun and festive, but also to incorporate elements on the inside of the card that would feature the eyes of the three Nestle birds, and their logo, when the card was closed. I put a retro spin on the design, looking to the designs from the 1940s as my inspiration, and included lots of vintage baubles and foliage, whilst working with dark greens, oranges and russet reds to achieve a classic, vintage-style, Christmas card." Jessie Ford 

While we're on the topic of the legends who are Dog & Rabbit, let's take a moment to celebrate their incredible multi-award-winning Beatles V Stones film which recently received the Vimeo Staff Pick: The best short films on the internet, handpicked by Vimeo staff. See the image below or click here to see the film now. 

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