Glastonbury 2023 with Sam Gilbey

26 June 2023

Dream project alert! This month Sam Gilbey teamed up with the BBC to artwork a collection of billboards showcasing Glastonbury's headline acts such as Elton John, Guns N' Roses and the Arctic Monkeys. Let’s take a look at the magic…


"Being commissioned by the BBC to make billboard artwork to promote their amazing coverage of Glastonbury has been a total dream project! 16-year-old me would never have believed that I’d get to paint Guns N’ Roses for a billboard one day, and the fact that it was probably Elton’s final U.K. concert makes that one extra special too. 

Working with BBC Creative was very much a creative collaboration, with the main concept being to showcase the headline artists in conjunction with the iconic Pyramid stage. With each piece, it was about giving them all a slightly different atmosphere which felt appropriate to the artist, whilst also having them work as a set." Sam Gilbey, Illustrator 

"It’s been very surreal seeing these on billboards, knowing that so many people will have glimpsed at them after putting so much time into the artwork on a much smaller screen for weeks in my studio. Thanks especially also to Jules at CIA for all her support throughout." Sam Gilbey, Illustrator 

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