Carol Lawson x VCCP

19 April 2024

Cadbury turned 200 this year, to mark this significant birthday they released 6 limited edition Dairy Milk packs with hero designs from 1915 to present day. The project promised to be unique because the artists that were to take on the 6 ads had to create their designs traditionally, as they would have been made at that time.

Carol was selected for the 1915 poster. Her expertise was put to the test taking inspiration from existing advertising posters of the time as well as the Cadbury archive, not to mention her own extensive and invaluable experience in producing vintage art. "I am a huge fan of the graphic work of John Hassall, William Nicholson and the other poster artists working around that time.”

There were a few different compositions created as you will see from the above sketches. One was settled on and it was from then that the real magic was created by Carol at her suitably laden desk of brushes and paints. 

The final result was one that felt credible and nostalgically authentic. Well done to Carol, who believe it or not is actually allergic to chocolate!

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