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Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency

Jason Raish

Jason Raish was born in South Korea and grew up in the forests of western New York state. He went on a 6 year adventure living and freelancing with old and new clients around the world including Beijing, Tokyo, Barcelona, Seoul, London, and Paris. Now he lives and works in Park Slope, Brooklyn and you can find him jogging around the park with his rescue Husky Dubuchim. He’s received recognition and honours from The Society of Illustrators NY and LA, Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3, and Spectrum.

Clients include: New York Times, Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Burnett, The Times, Radio Times, and more

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Jason Raish

Jason Raish, Tattoed croquet player mens fashion illustration

Jason Raish, Postcard illustration for the Year of the Dog in Japan

Jason Raish, Fashion illustration of a tattooed croquet player

Jason Raish, Editorial cover illustration Grindr logo being painted over with the Chinese flag

Jason Raish, Tattooed 1950s croquet players dynamic leaping

Jason Raish, Limited edition illustrated prints to fund the FIT Black student illustrators award in collaboration with Dandy Wellington. Closeup, portrait, elegant, tattoo, hat.

Jason Raish, Hipster versions of the cast of Seinfeld

Jason Raish, Autumn high fashion woman with borzoi dog driving a vintage car

Jason Raish, Dr Mario 16x20″ poster releasing March 12th at noon California time for Gallery 1988′s NES One Sheet poster show where OG Nintendo games get the Movie Poster treatment.

Jason Raish, Limited edition illustrated prints to fund the FIT Black student illustrators award in collaboration with Dandy Wellington. Tattooed, elegant, croquet players dynamic.

Jason Raish, Magazine cover with a tank deforestation mallet

Jason Raish, Illustration of winter sunglasses in a park for Morgenthal Frederics

Jason Raish, Poster illustration of a child in a watermelon costume with baby boar and mother in a bamboo forest

Jason Raish, Illustration of NYC metropolitan transport subway car passengers

Jason Raish, NYC metro subway car passengers detail

Jason Raish, Illustration of spectacles or glasses in a gallery for Morgenthal Frederics

Jason Raish, Golfer standing in a lake with ducks

Jason Raish, Beer can packaging design featuring American tourists

Jason Raish, Commuter illustration of woman on scooter, playful, textured style for WSJ Magazine.

Jason Raish, Freud with a golf ball sat in the psychiatrist's chair

Jason Raish, Parisian super rich man piggybacking on his chef dog walker servant

Jason Raish, Jrue Holiday veteran basketball player for New Orleans Pelicans

Jason Raish, Jeffrey Reznick writes about finding a rare WWI study on wounded soldiers in the National Library of Medicine which he now leads. Detailed digital illustration.

Jason Raish, Illustration of a woman in a tomato garden with a Great Dane

Jason Raish, Photo realistic illustration for Special Edition of L'Obs about 2,000 years of Chinese power up to the current president Xi Jinping

Jason Raish, Bill Murray with a groundhog in a life aquatic outfit

Jason Raish, Cover fashion Illustration for Muse by Robb Report of a woman in Paris with a bicycle

Jason Raish, Newspaper leopard in a jungle survival of the fittest

Jason Raish, Poster Illustration for In the Mood for Love film

Jason Raish, Photo realistic illustration of Axteric park in Paris

Jason Raish, Film poster for The Taxidermist, man in a taxidermy shop

Jason Raish, Editorial illlustration of film characters at the Oscars

Jason Raish, People playing Pokemon Go with Pokemon around them

Jason Raish, Album EP cover art for Akira Matsumura pianist under the stars