30 March 2017

24 Hour Race

Starting this summer Gant is an official sponsor to the 24 hour race at Le Mans. Jonas Bergstrand's arresting artwork spans posters. graphics for badges and typography - to be included in the upcoming capsule collection that has been developed to accompany the sponsorship. We've treated you to a slick poster artwork but delve into his folio to see more pieces from this racey commission.

28 March 2017

"How To"

Here's a set of funnies for you. Tobatron's illustrations were created for a Belgian restaurant who also make their own magazine. The restaurant is called Brasserie Nieuwpoort.  Comissioned with Belgian agency Reclamebureau Plug they depict a humorous info-style series of how to’s. "How to take the perfect selfie, how to get a six pack..."



20 March 2017


Here's somehting to get yourself in gear...Matt Taylor, the master of poster art, conjures up a dynamic (and pretty damn cool) artwork for the release of Alpine A110 at the 2017 prestigious Geneva Motor Show. We're off to a racy start this mroning. Thanks Matt!

6 March 2017

Sublime Sketch

This Monday we are sharing Montse Bernal for Oprah Magazine. Her beautifuly delicate portraiture is contrasted with bold atmospheric marks and is simply sublime. We'll leave you to ponder her talent. 

3 March 2017


We're pouring over the new illustrations of Mario Wagner today. Utilising abstraction and pairing negative shapes, Mario creates effortless graphic dynanism. They are ridiculously pleasing to gawp at, so make sure you check out his folio while you're here.


1 February 2017

On The Telly!

Our South London gal Kerry Hyndman has won the pretsigious Blue Peter Book award for her book SURVIVORS! This means she'll be on Telly on Thursday. 02 March. Catch her on Newsround at 7:40, 5live radio at 13:30 and then Blue Peter at 5pm. So here is what we might call a 're-blog'. Go Girl!

18 January 2017

Mad Poster Art

Depicting rich colour palettes and sumptuous scenes Mads Berg's posters are sure to get your heart racing, Applying rich and smoky gradients for a Hansens cycle event Mads envisages the perfect good-weather scenes. Give us a sprinkling of sunshine, the promise of fresh air landscapes and we'll get our knees out for Mads any day of the week!

10 October 2016


We've been treated to some new visuals from dynamite artist Mario Wagner. Mario is experimenting with a clean cut graphic visual focussing on shapes and colour sysnonymous with sporty advertising campaigns. Impressively demonstrated. It's always prudent to test your skills out. 

27 September 2016


What a good looking buggy! Here is a glance back to the summertime Alpine racing through Telegramme's sporty visuals. See the portfolios for more graphic posters like this to whet your appetite and send your head in a speedy spin!

26 September 2016

Tour of Britain

A Bath mural by the artist behind Radiohead's album covers has been updated to celebrate this year's Tour of Britain cycle race.

Stanley Donwood's mural on Walcot Street now features a menacing peloton of cyclists fiercely racing through a previously empty woodland path. The prolific Simon Spilsbury was spotted in Bath adding the riders to the large black and white mural last week, VERY NICE!