12 April 2017

Forbidden Forest

We can't help but share another delight from Andy Singleton's  project with Pottermore. Our favourite and rather heoric creature, known to some as 'Witherwings' but most as 'Buckbeak'. A charming and passionate hippogriff who lived with Rubeus Hagrid in the School grounds and who was a loyal in defending Harry in battle mutliple times. Andy has created a whole array of paper crafted 3D models if you're as nerdy as we are about the wizzarding world.

16 March 2017

Paper Scales

Andy Singleton has been commissioned by global digital publisher of all things Harry Potter to conjure up a set of fantastical paper crafted beasts. If you're a fan of the wizzarding world, you are probably very familiar with some of the characters Andy has crafted. We implore you to explore them in detail over at the Pottermore website, have a lemon sherbet and find out your patronus whilst you're at it. That sounds like something Dumbeldore might say.

5 January 2017

Paper Trail

Andy Singleton imagines a moment frozen in time in the quietude of the Swiss mountains, where starry skies become startlingly clear and glacial waters freeze as they crash over jagged rocks. Larson and Jennings commissioned our favourite paper sculpture, you can spot his work in the second issue of TwentySix magazine.

16 December 2016

Paper Scales

Andy Singleton worked with Lisbon based band 'Memoria De Peixe' (loosely translated as fish memory) to produce a floating paper fish that incorporated MagLev (Magnetic levitation) technology. The band commissioned Andy to create the fish for use in their upcoming live shows that coincide with the release of their second album 'Himiko Cloud'. Catch it in paper scale action here.



18 August 2016

Summer Scenes

Andy Singleton - famously the best paper crafter in town- has been busy creating some playful and quite honestly stunning summer scenes for Westfield Shopping Centre. Look out for this luxury paper sculpture, it's been splurged on the side of London buses!

Andy Singleton Summer paper illustration

15 June 2016

Simply a GIF

Aitch is more commonly known for her richly ornate and decorative patterns that cover walls and fabric alike- but here we see her stripped back craftmanship in some sweet and simple linocuts. And why not make it a GIF?!

14 June 2016


Julene Harrison has had her fabric plaster wrapped firmly around her scalpel to carefully compose these postcard illustrations for Montenegro, Mumbai and Frankfurt. Can you beleive this is all gracefully executed with one small knife and a steady hand? And pretty speedily too...

27 April 2016


Alice Patullo has treated the reader of French publication 

M le magazine du Monde to an ample choice of fine grub, with a tasty side of interesting characters. These two illustrations accompanied an article on gastronomical tourism. Patullo always pulls it off with style!



15 April 2016

Heads, Bodies & Legs

‘Heads, Bodies and Legs’ illustrated by Alice Pattullo, published by Design For Today is spot lithograph printed in London. Limited edition. First 100 will be signed and for sale on Saturday in a special edition ‘pack’ with a mini concertina book ‘A little book of things to be’ for £20 - also available for pre-order from Design For Today. The standard copies will retail at £11.95.


Alice Patullo's book launch is this Saturday at Town House Window in Spittalfields 2pm - 4,30pm. 2-4.30. Alice and Joe from Design For Today will both be there, and there will also be decorate your own gingerbread men for children and adults alike!


TOP FACT: In the early 20th Century the Surrealists adopted the game, renaming it 'Esquisite Corpses' enjoying the surrealist possibilities and unexpected consequences. 


Get along to the launch, and have a go yourself!



14 April 2016

Ring Master

Design Arts Daily aka DART had the pleasure of interviewing CIA's fascinating collage artist Lou Beach. Lou grew up with parents who were circus performers, learnt to read before the age of 2, could fire breathe and was familiar with pet monkey's. It's no wonder his work is such a theatrical, immersive mixture of science, fantasy and unusual characters. His displaced textures and figures establish his rich influences of culture, having lived in the sprawling cities of New York, Boston and LA. He's created countless artworks for record sleeves, still prolific, and keeping it SURREAL we give you 'Master of the Collage Ring,' Lou Beach.


Read the interview and see more work HERE.