24 April 2017


TEQUILA TEGUILA! Mural artist Ricardo Cavolo was commissioned by reputable tequila brand Jose Cuervo to create four vibrant illustrations for their 222nd anniversary limited edition bottles. We haven't got a hard copy of this product but we can provide the salt and lime if anyone else does? 

22 March 2017


The wonderful folky tones of Aitch span far and wide, decorating packaging in bespoke florals and winding vines, covering billboards with cheerful characters and playful patterns. There's been a lot cooking for Aitch behing closed doors that we can soon reveal (hold tight). Meanwhile to keep your appetites satisfied we're sending you some juicy vine oranges. Sumptuous and satisfying - full of zest and great for colds. Just beware of the sneaky snake...

24 February 2017

What's In Store?

Jessie Ford has been applying her simple graphic illustrations to an array of exciting homeware and textiles. It's currently all in mock up stage but it's looking so convincing that we're expecting more like this to be in shops any minute now...

20 February 2017


Tatiana Boyko's bespoke packaging design for Corelia Premium Sparkling Juices in Colombia can finally be revealed! Corelia uses all natural ingredients that are grown exclusively in Colombian soil for their drinks. so brace yourselves for some exotic combinations like Passionfruit & Hibiscus or Lulo & Elderflower. You can see more of this full flavoured artwork in action on their Corelia website. Deliciosa! 

9 January 2017


Whooli Chen is easing us back into the work grind with her whimsical and beautifully busy scene. Reminding us why we love what we do, only Whooli Chen can make a frantic office appealing and serene. Thanks for a great start to the new year the whole lot of you at CIA. 

11 November 2016


Waitrose have teamed up with Kerry Hydman to create the perfect combination evoking nostaglic Christmas feelings with their contemporary packaging. It's enough to get you roasting chesnuts! We're looking forward to tucking into a bisucit tin, thanks Kerry!

18 October 2016

Wibble Wobble

Mark Thomas has designed a retro stamp filled with nostalgia and childhood longing. The Jersey Post who are commemorating their inception with a series of stamps celebrating the various decades, Mark's illustration was asked to contribute to the 1950's set. Wibble Wobble, Wibble Wobble, Jelly on a plate!

24 August 2016

Glorious Shield

Lesley Buckingham's watercolour style is loose and seductively sumptuous. There's such ease in her bursh marks with rich colour and detail that create the perfect decorative illustration. Pleasantly autumnal too, what a treat!

3 August 2016

Botanical Books

Not only a sure favourite for luxury packaging, with her perfect blooms and flowering patterns- Charlotte Day's contemporary style is just as sumptuous on a book cover. This stunning personal project includes hand painted bouquets to create a repeating pattern. Charlotte chooses plants and flowers that encapsulate a character or place from within the book.

Emma Woodhouse's charm is matched by English roses and her exuberance equalled by the prettiest of pink peonies.

25 July 2016


Jitesh and his travelling fine point pen have been richly decorating the advertising for Clarks Shoes. You will spot some of his ornate, cursive writing at the stores and in print. Nice one!