22 March 2017


The wonderful folky tones of Aitch span far and wide, decorating packaging in bespoke florals and winding vines, covering billboards with cheerful characters and playful patterns. There's been a lot cooking for Aitch behing closed doors that we can soon reveal (hold tight). Meanwhile to keep your appetites satisfied we're sending you some juicy vine oranges. Sumptuous and satisfying - full of zest and great for colds. Just beware of the sneaky snake...

7 March 2017

Get With The Times

Lynnie Zulu paints an interesting picture for the Sunday Review cover of the NY Times highlighting the benefits of diversity. Here's a taste of the insightful article to put this in context:


"What President Trump doesn't seem to have considered is that diversity doesn't just sound nice, it has tangible value. Social scientists find that homogeneous groups like his cabinet can be less creative and insightful than diverse ones."


Here's to diversity and progress! Thanks Lynnie. 

1 February 2017


Say hello to Ricardo Cavolo. Quite simply a multi-talented artist. We are just going to take the time to appreciate this guys mural magic. He travels communities far and wide involving people in his arwork, raising awareness for charities and organisations, rallying for refugee protests and all with such style and a humble attitude. We'll leave you to peruse this photograph of a favourite of his epic artworks. 

6 January 2017

Folk Magic

Earthy yet exuberant, folky yet fantastical Margaux Carpentier is a delicious contrast of visual flavours. Inspired with a wild imagination and posessing serious talent with a brush- she's our January treat to you all. Margaux has been in our sight line for a while and we're very happy and very proud to say she is now an official CIA artist. 

10 November 2016

Fresh Type

Jitesh Patel's pen line can be found keeping it fresh in Costa Coffee at Westfield Shopping Centre. It's great to see his crisp, detailed work on a large scale! 

26 September 2016

Tour of Britain

A Bath mural by the artist behind Radiohead's album covers has been updated to celebrate this year's Tour of Britain cycle race.

Stanley Donwood's mural on Walcot Street now features a menacing peloton of cyclists fiercely racing through a previously empty woodland path. The prolific Simon Spilsbury was spotted in Bath adding the riders to the large black and white mural last week, VERY NICE!

25 August 2016

Boojy Bar

Jonny Wan doesn't stop teasing us with his incredible use of colour and decorative details, he's got us hankering after a fruity cocktail and a bowl of nuts. A beauitful illustration from his personal project stash that we couldn't help but share - because everyone wants a seat in this bar!


14 July 2016

A Thief In The Village

The echanting folk inspired work of Aitch adorns this beautiful book, A Penguin / Puffin publication called 'A Thief In The Village and Other Stories' by James Berry is a wonderfully atmospheric collection of short stories about children and life in Jamaica.


13 July 2016

A Deck of Bees

The botanical wonder Charlotte Day requires your courteous 'click' as a contestant who was asked to create a unique artwork for this particular card. 537 artists from 67 different countries, the best 54 will feature in a new Playing Arts Special Edition deck. What an exciting game of cards that will be! Vote Charlotte, 'cos she's a dream and she's on our team.

14 April 2016

Ring Master

Design Arts Daily aka DART had the pleasure of interviewing CIA's fascinating collage artist Lou Beach. Lou grew up with parents who were circus performers, learnt to read before the age of 2, could fire breathe and was familiar with pet monkey's. It's no wonder his work is such a theatrical, immersive mixture of science, fantasy and unusual characters. His displaced textures and figures establish his rich influences of culture, having lived in the sprawling cities of New York, Boston and LA. He's created countless artworks for record sleeves, still prolific, and keeping it SURREAL we give you 'Master of the Collage Ring,' Lou Beach.


Read the interview and see more work HERE.