19 May 2017

Jakob Exhibits

Our favourite cookie monster and seriously talented artist Jakob Hinrichs is exhibiting his work in France...


"The Jakob Hinrichs exhibition, in partnership with the Franco-German Center for Provence, offers for the first time in France a broad overview of the artist's talent through the numerous preparatory drawings, sketches and original plates of his adaptations, but also Personal works and projects that remained unpublished in the hexagon, as his very nice contribution to the collective work A Graphic Cosmogony . The idea of ​​Jakob: revisit - nothing less - the myth of the creation of the world ... in 7 pages of course."


Find out more here.

11 April 2017

Barbican at the Broadway

Our all-singing all-dancing Ed Mcgowan is in full swing at the Barbican, on site and online.  Ed's lively illustration promotes free music, dance and theatre for a new two day family-friendly event curated and led by the Barbican Centre this April. 


5 April 2017

Complete Works

Elzo Durt has just released his new book - Elzo Durt Complete Works.

This beautifully curated publication showcases Elzo's illustration between 2003-2016 including posters, album covers, skateboards and various other pyschadelic arworks. Edited and published by Born Bad Records, there is due to be a big exhibition on the 10th anniversary of the BORN BAD label at the GALERIE DU JOUR-AGNES B from April 27th to June 30th. Here's a look at the punchy front page to whet your eager appetites. 

20 March 2017


Here's somehting to get yourself in gear...Matt Taylor, the master of poster art, conjures up a dynamic (and pretty damn cool) artwork for the release of Alpine A110 at the 2017 prestigious Geneva Motor Show. We're off to a racy start this mroning. Thanks Matt!

13 February 2017

Meet The Artist

Meet the Artist: David Hockney is published to coincide with Hockney’s big retrospective at the Tate gallery opening. The first of it's kind, Rose Blake has created a children's activity book based on the artists full of hockney-esque colours, landscapes and collages. Channelling much of the Artist's spirit, Rose has pages of thorough and articluated research that show her process and selection for the pages inside this publicaiton. We want one! You can buy it here and she's already been talked about by It's Nice That

20 January 2017

Pop Up Chow

Our very own Grammy-nominated artist and illustrator Stan Chow will showcase his iconic work at Harvey Nicholls in Manchester from Tuesday 24th January. The specially designed exhibition will be complimentary to guests and fans alike with the opportunity to order prints from the show. Get down and say hello!



14 November 2016

Lord Mayor's Show

Last weekend saw much fun and enthusiasm and a good old knees up for the 800th anniversary! Our very own Brian Grimwood has been pleasing the crowds! His fluid paint marks can be spotted on posters splurged on the London Undergorund. Brian's poster is part of the official commemorative programme in aid of The Lord Mayor's Show.

19 October 2016

Fire! Fire!

350 years ago one of the most infamous disasters struck London – the Great Fire of 1666. Experience the destruction of London through the eyes of people who were there at the time, explore the evidence for yourself and find out how the city rose from the ashes in this interactive exhibition.

Artwork designed by linocut champion Chris Brown


13 October 2016

Join the Party!

CIA had a splendid evening outing to see Michael Clark's new performance at the Barican theatre last night. We spotted Parko Polo's exuberant illustration and Tess couldn't help but to join in the party! Top show, top venue, top artwork. 

12 October 2016


Van Van 2016 returned to the streets of Barcelona, hailed as one of the greatest street food fetsivals in the emblematic city. With 100,000 attendees we think it fit to toast to Tatiana Bokyo's enticing artwork! A sure-fire way to get people to your party.