23 March 2017


The modern mind is full of useful and not so useful information that we absorb and store and often struggle to find again. We're very impressed with Harry Tennant's latest concept piece for Libération FR on 'Memory in Psychoanalysis' - an inisghtul article too!

17 March 2017


Amongst other CIA Artists Rose Blake can be spotted in and around this fine city of London advertising for TFL. If anyone can make getting public transport seem so inviting and playful - it's surely Rose. A beautiful scene.

14 March 2017


Jonny Gibbs’ work has an untouchable charm and spans the publishing and editorial worlds, speckling magazines and books in numerous territories. 

There's so much to see in his rich body of work, Today we're sharing with you two pieces that sit so well together you'd have thought they were comissioned this way - part of the magic of his prints!

Titled : A Bend in The River & Piano Man.



10 March 2017


It's Friday and to end a terrific week at CIA we have the good news of welcoming illustrator David De Las Heros to the roster. He's a great guy and esquisitely talented with a paint brush. There is a harmonious mix of contemporary graphic forms with his background training in classic painting that create something both endearing and adept. We are pretty happy to share this portfolio with you all. Take a Gander

3 March 2017


We're pouring over the new illustrations of Mario Wagner today. Utilising abstraction and pairing negative shapes, Mario creates effortless graphic dynanism. They are ridiculously pleasing to gawp at, so make sure you check out his folio while you're here.


2 February 2017


Mario Wagner has taken a fresh approach to his work and is mixing it up with some seriously contemporary graphics. Flick through his folio and you'll find considered shapes, subtle mirroring and softly applied graidents that are taking us down a path both calming and curious. Thank you Mario for showing us how you keep moving!

31 January 2017

Info Graf

Tatiana Boyko has applied her textural layers to an info graphic style for Toronto Magazine 'On The Up'. Featuring alongside another spot illustration, she demonstrates her clarity of shape and form is never no matter the scale. With dexterous talent, Tatiana proves she can produce the same quality of work for any brief, be it small editorial work or large scale campaigns. 

27 January 2017

Celebrity Buyer

It's great to see Kerry Hyndman bossin' it with a bold concept illustration for The Wall Street Journal on an article named 'How To Hide A Celebrity Buyer'. The classic moustache and glasses combo work every time, does it not?



11 January 2017

The Trump in Us

A quick witted quip from genius Nishant Choksi for DIE ZEIT accompanies an article alluding to the idea that we all posess a touch of Trumpisms. True, we may have a dark side, we have shades in our personality. Perhaps some of us are just better at behaving than others. Here's hoping things stay a lot more rational and calm in 2017.


*This is no excuse for Presdient Trump's behaviour. 

9 January 2017


Whooli Chen is easing us back into the work grind with her whimsical and beautifully busy scene. Reminding us why we love what we do, only Whooli Chen can make a frantic office appealing and serene. Thanks for a great start to the new year the whole lot of you at CIA.