12 May 2017

Travelling Light

Jeff Fisher is famous for his unique painterly marks that create atsmosphere and texture. With such a timeless aesthetic it's no wonder he is so prolific in the publishing world. His latest cover is for campaigner, publisher and wanderer Alastair Sawday, who has spent his life travelling. En route he has unearthed a multitude of stories - stories of people ploughing their own furrows, of travellers' tales, stories from the 'front line' of his publishing, ruminations and reflections about places, people and ideas. In this deeply charming, erudite and spirited book, he shares his experiences and explores the value of travel. Published with Little, Brown

15 March 2017

The Vyne

You'll spot Chris Brown's installation and new visitor experience for the house at The National Trust site, The Vyne in Hampshire. His beautifully crafted work is perfectly matched with the Tudo history of the building and will be installed whilst they undergo some extensive conservation work.  The Vyne has an original Tudor chapel as part of the house which Chris has brought to life with his linocuts Henry V111 and Anne Boelyn on horsebaack and processions of activity continued throughtout the building. 


We're going to make it a CIA day out this spring for sure and grabbing all the merch!


28 February 2017

Someone Like Me

Happy Shrove Tuesday folks!


Our visual treat to you today is a look back at the colourful book of Margaux Carpentier. 'Someone Like Me' is a children’s book from Concern which explores diversity through the stories of eight remarkable children from eight different countries. Someone Like Me explores the lives of children affected by war, natural disaster and extreme poverty, with the aim of introducing children to concepts of development in a way they can understand. A beautiful tangible collaboration between author Fionnagh Nally and Margaux. See more of this inside in her folio.

17 February 2017


Brave Creative commissioned the iconic poster art of Mads Berg to advertise Battersea Power Station development. With sumptuous colours and bold gradients the attractive designs promise a bright future for those lucky enough to invest.

8 February 2017


Harry Tennant has created a rather beautiful and tangible book cover on the History of Turkey for Thames and Hudson. The full illustration continues across the full spread in bold colours depicted in harmonious light and shade.

31 January 2017

Info Graf

Tatiana Boyko has applied her textural layers to an info graphic style for Toronto Magazine 'On The Up'. Featuring alongside another spot illustration, she demonstrates her clarity of shape and form is never no matter the scale. With dexterous talent, Tatiana proves she can produce the same quality of work for any brief, be it small editorial work or large scale campaigns. 

30 January 2017

After Party

Our mind puzzling artist Elzo Durt has an updated folio full of vibrant work. Here's a taste of his more reserved pieces working as poster art for his very own dj set after party. Check out some more work here to get your heart racing. 

27 January 2017

Celebrity Buyer

It's great to see Kerry Hyndman bossin' it with a bold concept illustration for The Wall Street Journal on an article named 'How To Hide A Celebrity Buyer'. The classic moustache and glasses combo work every time, does it not?



19 January 2017

Gift It

A true craftsmen, Harry Tennant still finds the time to hitch up at the screen print desk and produce (for some lucky recepients) gift illustrations. Here's an alluring combination of modern architecture and pleasant foliage. Simply bold with satisfying contrasts of texture and flat colour. We'd like to join the gift list please.

12 December 2016

Hot Spots

Jitesh Patel has mapped out some of London's hot spots for L'Optimum. in beautiful pen and with a playful sense of scale. There's such pleasure in the details of Jitesh's work you can get lost meandering your way around the page.