27 July 2016


Harry Tennant has worked up a captivating conceptual illustration for a sensitive article about the difficulty in criminal procedures when facing 'diminished mental capacity' in the accused. An insightful read too from French Newspaper Libération

26 July 2016

Fair Tatiana

Tatiana has mapped out Dubai, utilising soft hues to capture the landmarks and sandy plains for the August issue of Vanity Fair. Known for ultra modern architecture and bussling night life Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE, and with that, Tatiana shows us why she's a hotter than the desert!

25 July 2016


Jitesh and his travelling fine point pen have been richly decorating the advertising for Clarks Shoes. You will spot some of his ornate, cursive writing at the stores and in print. Nice one!

22 July 2016

Best Swimmer

Paul Oakley has been included in the Lürzer’s 200 Best Illustrators publication. This elegant illustration was originally commissioned for the cover of "The Woman Who Fell In Love for a Week", published by sphere. You're a champ Paul!

21 July 2016

To Boldly Go...

Slash fiction - a branch of fan fiction that imgine straight heroes getting together - is strangely popular amongst straight women. In an insightful article for The Economist, Helen Joyce examines the light it sheds on female sexuality. Stanley Chow and his ubiquitous portait style imagines these scenes for us. Awesome. 

20 July 2016

Seasonal Greetings

Charlotte Day has been practising her seasonal styles of illo in her contemporary botanical style. Her delicate illustrations span the worlds of publishing, packaging and advertising alike. If this cosy card doesn't evoke those nostalgic autumnal feeling, I don't know what will! We don't want to be getting cosy by fires just yet mind...

See her fulll set on her folio


19 July 2016


Kristy Kay has been sending us updates of her travels in her fluid and playful i-Pad imagery. This enticing set of illustrations are working harmoniously as an advertisment to buy a plane ticket. Somehwere hot with a nice sea breeze, I want a continental breakfast please!

18 July 2016

OXO Exhibition

CIA's very own Brian Grimwood is set to exhibit at the OXO in the restaurant space, opening July 19th. Grimwood was also one of the first illustrators to embrace digital media and it's potential for new avenues of work and this is what we'll see in his 'future paintings'. Brian has long been working with Photoshop & Illustrator, and more recently the iPad, which will be prominent in this new body of worl. So book a table, and drink it up!

15 July 2016

Fight For Your Right!


We give you Simon Spilsbury's latest illustration for a feature in Playboy Magazine outlining how we must stop using the mistakes of individuals as an excuse to judge entire groups. Spilsbury's expressive work is so engaging, it sets the perfect tone for the immersive and pretty frantic poilitics we are witnessing, in UK and USA. Discuss!

14 July 2016

A Thief In The Village

The echanting folk inspired work of Aitch adorns this beautiful book, A Penguin / Puffin publication called 'A Thief In The Village and Other Stories' by James Berry is a wonderfully atmospheric collection of short stories about children and life in Jamaica.