5 February 2016

Wonderous Wan

Despite being super busy with commissions, Wan still finds the time and enjoyment to experiment and send us treats like this. Full of fun pattern, graphic style and bold colours we've spent some serious time checking out the interesting characters in this piece. 

4 February 2016

Private View

Last night hosted the private view of our exhibition 'Reframing The Myth'

a collaboration of 40 CIA artists and 40 Graeae Theatre Company practicioners. The result - a wall lined with extrodinary and unexpected portraits. Thanks to everyone invovled, what a terrific time!

If you didn't make it to the PV you missed out on Ben Cox's captivating speech, but were lucky enough to escape his smouldering eyeline.


We're up until 26th February so make sure you pop in. 



4 February 2016

Royle for GQ Mag

If you can get your hands on this months issue of GQ magazine (out today) you can marvel at John Royles graphic Gallaghers. Here he is, bathing in bubbles.

3 February 2016

Reframing The Myth

We've been talking about it all week, tonight hosts the Private View of our exhibition Reframing The Myth. So here's one last teaser for you by Mick Marston and some stirring words from Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director and CEO, Graeae Theatre Company


“This is a rather extraordinary and unexpected collaboration but one that feels very right; a beautiful creative exchange and sharing of human experiences. It is very exciting and we are all abuzz waiting to see how these individual stories from our collective of artists become represented as glorious new works of art.”

2 February 2016

Colourful Cars

Rose Blake has given Volkwagon France a delightful selection of colourful vehicles. Cast your commuting eyes over here- click below to discover the greeting cards (turn on your sound!).


Rose Blake for VW

1 February 2016

Kate Miller

We're used to seeing Kate's work on the front of our Taylors Coffee, which often makes for a sublime start to the day. This morning you can avert your eyes from your coffee grounds and feast on at an editorial piece Kate's submitted for Stylist Magazine. 

29 January 2016


It's always rousing whilst walking along the beautiful stretch of Champs-Elyseés, Paris to see Jeff Fisher's work standing proud. As part of La Fête du Graphisme, Graphic festival. 39 artists and designers were invited to participate and submit an artwork. This year was the 3rd time it took place and the subject was Celebrating the city. Jeff's interpretation demonstrates his wonderous painterly marks and carefully hand rendered abstract shapes.


La Fête du Graphisme, is sponsored by, among others, the city of Paris and JC Decaux.

28 January 2016

Sneak Peak #3

We've got more- can you beleive it? You may have seen it lay down seductively on a screen print bed on our Instagram- now here it is in full glory. Mick Martson and Dusts beautiful typographic print.

So much good stuff. Don't worry you can see 'em all soon at the Graeae Collab we're putting on. See you there folks. 

27 January 2016

Graeae Sneak Peak #2

In her usual playful style, Rose Blake utilises muted primary tones creating a sensitive piece for the Graeae Exhibition,. Don't miss out seeing this sit amongst an array of C.I.A illustrators this February, Kings Place, London.

26 January 2016

C.I.A Collab with Graeae Theatre

Get your weary January-jaded bodies down to The Guardian headquarters, Kings Place this february for the eagerly anticipated 'Reframing The Myth' exhibition. 


CIA has partnered 40 of its illustrators with 40 of Graeae Theatre Company’s artists to explore their mutual creativity and produce artwork inspired by the experiences of the company’s actors, dancers, writers and directors. This cultural crossover between art and theatre practicioners is set to be extrodinary, illuminating some of the challenges that members of the Deaf and disabled community face due to the governments ongoing changes to the benefits system. We can't wait to see it all in up and in action!


Here's a sneaky crop of Chris Gilvan Cartwright's piece to whet your appetites...