19 December 2014

Which Drinker are you?

The Sunday Times Wine Club has the answer to these all important questions with a handy ipad quiz. Maria Raymondsdotter brings her colourful characters to liven up the whole affair. So... are you going to be a 'thinker drinker' or a 'label junkie'?

raymondsdotter wine club

18 December 2014

Salad of Escaped Anchovies

We've written about Illywords here on the blog before. So much more than just a corporate publication, the coffee brand's 'book-zine' this time round features illustrations by Harriet Russel about unusally named Italian dishes, such as 'Salad of escaped anchovies', 'Heartbreaker burger' and 'Rice and gold'. Simple, charming and witty.

Harriet Russel Illywords

17 December 2014

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...

...that I love London so! These chipper, patriotic fellas were by the wonderful Sugar Snap Studio.

Sugar Snap Bears

16 December 2014

Wild at Heart

Christopher Brown has been sprucing up the windows at the Pimlico based florist Wild At Heart with some traditional festive characters. Pop down to the shop for some of the most sumptuous bouquets you've ever seen with an added bit of Mr Brown charm.

Chris Brown Wild at Heart

15 December 2014

Le Livre de Perle

Jeff Fisher has produced the cover of Timothee de Fombelle's 'Le Livre de Perle', published by French publishing powerhouse Gallimard. The teen novel features lovers, quests and visitors from distant lands. Fisher's cover gives little away, just a sense of melancholy and intrigue. 

Jeff Fisher Pearl

12 December 2014

Christmas Print Sale

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Fear not, Christopher Brown will be hosting a print sale this saturday, selling prints from his landmark series An Alphabet of London. A selection of the prints were recently featured in Guestbook Magazine which you can read online here!

Chris Brown sale

11 December 2014

Ricardo Cavolo puts pen to paper

Our latest signing is Brighton-based Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo. His charming and surreal iconic characters evoke memories of doddling in school textbooks, each piece is an outpouring of imagination and detail. With little digital manipulation in his work, he makes the most of the original brush and pen textures, this is as handmade as it gets! Look out for his enormous murals, taking his colourful creations to the streets all over the world.

Ricardo Cavolo new artist

10 December 2014

No time for Wine.

Wine is no longer always the first and only beverage of choice for chefs to pair with their creations. Teas, juices and beers are now becoming credible and fashionable options for more experimental food pairings. Brosmind translate the artice into a crowd of crazy characters for Le Monde magazine.

Brosmind beverages

9 December 2014

Fire Safety

This explains a lot... the cold, dark winter months of the arctic and the allure of a crackling fire equals the tragic downfall of our furry friend; the wooly mammoth. Simple storytelling from Nishant Choksi.

Nishant mammoths

8 December 2014

Junior vs. Senior

Jakob Hinrichs has been working on some little GIFs for the German Magazine Enkelfahig. The article discusses the conflics between younger and older generations including pensions and property ownership. Jakob's chunky and mad characters work so well in motion and really bring the article to life with his very distinctive brand of humor.

Jakob Hinrichs gifs