3 May 2016

Petal, Leaf, Seed

Lia Leendertz is an award winning garden writer, and her book garden recipe book Petal, Leaf Seed, designed by Newman + Eastwood is hot off the flower press. Punctuated by the beautiful illustrations of Tatiana Boyko, the book is a lovely introduction to cooking with the unexpected treasures of the garden. Tatiana's enchanting observations combine sensitive colour palettes and graphic folk patterns, delicious combinations all round!

2 May 2016

Bugs n' Bees

Charlotte Day, known for her skill in capturing the beauty of all things floral, is venturing bravely into the wild on some personal projects. The detail and delicacy of her paintwork is always so anatomically accurate. She sure knows how to create a buzz!

29 April 2016

New Artist!

We are honoured to announce new member of CIA- talented Ben Fearnley and his graphic finesse. He's worked on a broad range of commerical projects with clients such as Nixon and Nike amongst many others, he's tenacious in his attention to details and a master of 3D typography and connceptual CGI design.


Here's a taste of more to come, a recent cover for German magazine Focus!

28 April 2016

Virtual Specs

Mario Wagner illuminates the experience of virtual glasses with his futuristic, digital illustration for Libération Magazine. He's got flair for days, combining crafty collage with digital vectors. When Mario is on the job, there's always the potential for a dynamic visual explosion!

27 April 2016


Alice Patullo has treated the reader of French publication 

M le magazine du Monde to an ample choice of fine grub, with a tasty side of interesting characters. These two illustrations accompanied an article on gastronomical tourism. Patullo always pulls it off with style!



26 April 2016

Colouring Shakespeare

With Shakespeare's 400th year since passing, and his birthday last week- what better way to celebrate than to grab yourself a copy of Good Wives and Warriors colouring book. Decorate the beard of the bard and alleviate your work stress with this Penguin colouring book adventure. Adult colouring is curing stress apparently.

25 April 2016


Here's a sneak peek at the line art of comic genius and punchy illustrator John Royle. We give you his cover for the new IDW publishing 'Action Man' reboot, also starring Marvels cult 70/80s robot ROM Spaceknight. The new publication is set in Stone Henge, anchoring it to a British following and ackowledging it's heritage. Action Man was the uk version of American comic series G.I.Joe and ran for 138 issues between 1996 and 18 January 2006. 

22 April 2016


It's been his first official week as a CIA artist, with that we'd like to officially welcome Harry Tennant and his handsome illustration in the fold. 

Originally a Londoner, Harry studied in falmouth where he learnt to work with traditional printmaking methods. Still prevalent in much of his work, his style rooted in screen printing is married happily with digital processes to meet the demand and the modern pace of life. A true craftsmen, Harry's screen printing panache is not lost, utilisng the parameters often associated with the practise such as block colours and limited colour pallettes. 


Now a local to CIA studio, we look forward to some Friday beers and ping pong!


21 April 2016

Heart of Darkness

The Radio Time's called in Darren Hopes for a two part series called 'The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness'


The series is based a psychic investigator who goes on a religious retreat in the highlands, only to face his final investigation when he discovers how the people of the village have become alienated by the views of the retreats host. His few days away become a life-changing reckoning with his psychic abilities...


We think Darren's illustrative capacity in creating eerie scenes with ominous, isolated figures fits the bill perfectly. We're not perturbed..

20 April 2016

Blake-designed Bentley

Sir Peter Blake has designed possibly the most delicious looking car for Bentley. The punchy colours, the stitched and signed leather seats- it's just all so sublime. This one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible will be auctioned for charity by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 24. Bentley commissioned Sir Peter to deliver the world’s first pop art Bentley, drawing on inspiration from his celebrated career at the forefront of the famous British pop art movement. We're currently wondering when our studio car is going to arrive...imagine taking this guy out for a spin,