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30 October 2014

Interview with Benjamin Wachenje

An enlightening and inspiring interview with Ben Wacheje on the Design Week website, discussing his influences from Hip-hop culture and working across multiple disciplines. We recently updated Ben's portfolio with lots of great new work.

Ben wachenje interview

28 October 2014

Past, present and future

Jonny Wan illustrates the evolution of man for New Scientist Magazine. We see man of human past, man of human present and man of human future in each stage of our complex development from ape to AI.

jonny wan new scientist

27 October 2014

How Google Works

Nishant Choksi has filled this New York Times bestseller to the brim with smart but simple illustrations in every chapter, bringing to life and adding a new perspective to the concepts discussed in the book. 'How Google Works' is written by the masterminds behind Google and picks their brains about how to succeed in a digital marketplace.


24 October 2014

Off The Wall

Simon Spilsbury was invited by the ad agency Souk to come in and jazz up their workspace a little, so he created this wild, Hunter S Thompson-esque scene, full of wild journeys to celebrate Souks' specialism in travel.

Spilsbury Souk

23 October 2014

Toffee Apples

A new set of tins featuring beautiful artwork by Clare Melinsky have been released by the Fine Cheese Company. We're sure the toffee apple and hazlenut buscuits inside are delicious, but we think they're overshadowed by Clare's vibrant and warm depictions of British wildlife foraging in Autumnul landscapes. These tins are for life, not just for buiscuits.

Clare biscuits

22 October 2014

Club Des Cornichons

Le Gun have a new show opening today at the Cafe De Flore in Paris, they have recreated the lost hangout of the surrealist group Le Calmar Noir (The Black Squid). The immersive experience transforms drawn elements into three dimensions in their trademark black and white and seamless collective vision. Open until 31st October.

Le gun Cornichons

21 October 2014

Waitrose Crows

Lesley Buckingham has been bringing a sense of Gothic malice to the usually cheery Waitrose Magazine with these eerie crow illustrations. Horror season is on its way!

waitrose crows

20 October 2014

An Alphabet of England

Chris Brown has been quietly toiling away at a book these past few months which reflects upon his life travelling around the country along roads less travelled. No stone is left unturned in this portrait of the unsung corners of the British Isles. You can follow his progress on his facebook page here.

Christopher Brown Alphabet

17 October 2014


Jakob Hinrichs brings his signature surrealism and chaos to an article in L'Express, a French weekly news magazine, discussing the successes of French authors around the world. I for one would LOVE to read a novel written by a blue French elephant in spectacles.

Jakob L'express

16 October 2014

AOI Illustration Awards

Congratulations to Harriet Russel, who was selected as a winner at the recent AOI awards in the Research and knowledge communication category for her work with COOP, Italy. Her clear, concise and cheerful illustration helps to explain ideas about sustainable living to school children as part of the Sapere COOP project. 

Harriet Russel COOP