29 January 2015

Diamine Inks

Sarah J Coleman really is a committed customer of the ink brand Diamine. "If any of my projects have used colour in the last four years or so, it’ll be Diamine inks you’lll have seen". So to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Liverpool based brand, Sarah has designed a comemorative box using her traditional calligraphic style. A match made in heaven.

Sarah Coleman ink

28 January 2015

A Night at the Oscars

Sadly, no, Jonny Wan won't be there, but his work will! He was invited to produce a piece along with 14 other artists on the theme of 'Imagine What's Possible'. The works will be used throughout the run up and during the ceremony and can be seen online here.

Jonny Wan Oscars

26 January 2015

Power 100

2&3 employ powerful, bold and confident typeface with a hint of feminine finesse for The Hollywood Reporter. Their 3D typography illustrates an article about the 100 most powerful women in Hollywood... Girl Power!

Hollywood 2 and 3

23 January 2015

Hello Spring

It doesn't feel like it right now, while we're gathering round the radiators to keep warm, but apparently spring is on it's way. We'd suggest investing in the new coffee flavour by Taylors of Harrogate, vibrantly illustrated by Kate Miller, it promises to give you a taste of spring with hints of lime and blackcurrant, while still providing you with a warm mug to wrap your hands around. Kate's series of illustrations for the coffee brand sum up the character of each flavour expertly with colour and emotive imagery, from roaring volcanoes to calm, green, Italian country scenes.

Kate Miller Taylors

22 January 2015

Spring from Hell...

...not really, just very red... I like the colour red, so actually not that hellish. Jitesh Patel's pared down architectural sketches this month appear in Vanity Fair. The article compares the offerings from the 4 fashion capitals where shocking blood red is the colour du jour. Jitesh's drawings bring depth, detail and information to the usual fashion mag catwalk line-up.

Jitesh vanity fair

21 January 2015

Walk The Walk

We're delighted to be getting our first glimpses of a project Jill Calder has been working on for the best part of a year. The book, commissioned by the Scottish Book Trust is aimed specifically at learners aged 16 and above who struggle with literacy. The story follows one day in the lives of two best friends who live at opposite ends of the same street and the conflicts they encounter in the community. "I worked in quite a different style for this book - finished art was more like my initial quick, sketchbook drawings rather than the polished, ink and digital artwork you are more familar with. This style is a neater and tidier at the start of the book, but as events and emotions unfold, the drawing style deliberately becomes more energised to reflect this."

Jill Calder book

20 January 2015

Tokyo Special

Tokyo; the city of 35 million people, the city of mind boggling subway stations, of Sony, Sega and sushi, a city of high fashion, high-tech and sky-high hotels. Parko Polo illustrates the mega metropolis in dizzying detail for a special Tokyo-themed edition for The Good Life magazine.

Parko polo tokyo

19 January 2015


2&3's delicate paper work takes flight in an animated advert for an American sauce brand. Commissioned by design agency High Wide and Handsome, ribbons and vegetable motifs intertwine across the screen, culminating in a 'bold' typographic logo.

2 and 3 marie's

16 January 2015

A Wild Card

A regal, starkly graphic, modern and sophisticated rendering of classic playing card characters by Jonny Wan. This is one hand I would like to be dealt!

Jonny wan cards

15 January 2015

Back with a bang

To get herself back into the swing of things for the new year, Wendy Plovmand has been getting lots of ideas down on paper with some self-initiated mock ups of fashion advertisments for brands such as Rigby and Pellor using her digital pattern prowess and layers of texture. Check out Wendy's folio for lots of new updates!

Wendy rigby