2 December 2016

Mary I

On the second day of Christmas....Montse illustrates a decorative portrait of 'Mary I, The Daughter of Time' for a book by John Edwards, published by Penguin. Her skilled pencil work and intricacies of mark making are flawless with textured stitching recreating some of the ornate details. Thank you Montse!


1 December 2016

Candid Christmas

It's the first day of advent, the countdown has begun. Stylist France have employed the cinematic prowess of superstar Sam Gilbey to create the most candid Christmas scenes yet. This is what December 25th 2016 will look like: new toys, overindulgence and turkey selfies. 

30 November 2016

Winter Recipes

Some hearty and warming recipes from Telegramme are visualsied in rich and luxurious colour palettes that have us aching for a cosy night in. Thank you Telegramme team for evoking such glorious festive cheer at CIA. Be sure to check out there 2017 calendars too. 


29 November 2016

Sculptural Perfumes

Tatiana Boyko has honed her craft so perfectly that she can carve out perfume bottles from mountains and buildings. We just love the rich colours and hues in this selection for Vanity Fair. All we want for Christmas...

28 November 2016

Festive Antics

Stephen Collins has been splurging his witty cartoons all over the press. These Christmas party scenes were in a recent issue of Women's Health accompanying an article on how to avoid overindulgence, family conflict and potentially making a fool of oneself at the office party. We can't promise to abide, we live off those deabucherous stories at CIA. 

25 November 2016

Tall Tales

Jonny Gibbs illustrated the artwork for Folk Tunes Tall Tales for City of London Sinfonia. His hand printed lincocuts carve out a beautifully atmospheric narrative for these stories. Check out his folio for more updates like this!

24 November 2016


Contrasting bold marks and delicate sketches, Montse Bernal's atmospheric drawings are delightfully immersing. For Dossier journal she has illustrated a series of features on managing stress and the anxieties of modern life. Captured sensitively and expertly, we offer you one of the three. See more in her folio

23 November 2016

BBC Wildlife

In these tactile illustrations for BBC Wildlife Magazine you can gage the influence of time spent in the Cornish countryside honing a craft. Harry Tennant illustrates alluring and atmospehric nature illustrations, a fly fisher and a deer. The detail and rich earthy colours are reminiscent of his roots in printmaking. 

22 November 2016

Christmas Folk

The beautifully textural American folk style of Martin Haake has been swiped up for an editorial Christmas piece in the Telegraph. There is a nostaglia in his rich collage that seems apt for this festive scene and his quirky sense of scale is playing tricks on our 'guess the present' game!

21 November 2016

Top 10

Rolling Stone Magazine named their top ten favourite TV shows of all time and Ricardo Cavolo illustrated some of the key characters. The Sporanos, The Simpsons, The Wire, Breaking Bad to name a few...who can you spot?