20 January 2017

Pop Up Chow

Our very own Grammy-nominated artist and illustrator Stan Chow will showcase his iconic work at Harvey Nicholls in Manchester from Tuesday 24th January. The specially designed exhibition will be complimentary to guests and fans alike with the opportunity to order prints from the show. Get down and say hello!



19 January 2017

Gift It

A true craftsmen, Harry Tennant still finds the time to hitch up at the screen print desk and produce (for some lucky recepients) gift illustrations. Here's an alluring combination of modern architecture and pleasant foliage. Simply bold with satisfying contrasts of texture and flat colour. We'd like to join the gift list please.

18 January 2017

Mad Poster Art

Depicting rich colour palettes and sumptuous scenes Mads Berg's posters are sure to get your heart racing, Applying rich and smoky gradients for a Hansens cycle event Mads envisages the perfect good-weather scenes. Give us a sprinkling of sunshine, the promise of fresh air landscapes and we'll get our knees out for Mads any day of the week!

17 January 2017

Our Fans

Sir Peter Blake has stamped his celebrated pop art style on the hoarding of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, during part of the hotel’s renovation. Commissioned by London Advertising and named 'Our Fans’ his biggest artwork yet scales the building’s facade. This enticing mixture of the hotel's most celebrated guests is a real dazzler from the ‘Godfather of British Pop Art’. 

16 January 2017


This punchy bunch of action is a recent cover by John Royle for Revolution series IDW / Hasbro publishing. Starring G.I.Joe SnakeEye and Transformer Black Rock (for those of you who are up on your characters) for others, it's an exciting eye opener for Monday morning!

13 January 2017

Disney Guide

Here's another shout out to fans of Rogue One. Dale Edwin Murray has been commissioned by Disney and Complex to illustrate a character guide to the lastest Star Wars film. He has captured the personailties and physicality of the cast brilliantly in these graphic, full bodied portraits. 

12 January 2017

Playful Veg

Brosmind could make a slug look enticing and exuberant. Created for José Andrés new Beefsteak, Brosmind are cheering us out of our January weather with some playful vegetable characters, reminding us that we can be healthy without being dull. We won't preach a second more though - we still have leftover fudge to get through.


11 January 2017

The Trump in Us

A quick witted quip from genius Nishant Choksi for DIE ZEIT accompanies an article alluding to the idea that we all posess a touch of Trumpisms. True, we may have a dark side, we have shades in our personality. Perhaps some of us are just better at behaving than others. Here's hoping things stay a lot more rational and calm in 2017.


*This is no excuse for Presdient Trump's behaviour. 

10 January 2017

Guide to Paris

Kerry Hyndman accompanies a guide to Paris and all it's hot spots for The Wall Street Journal. This playful illustration maps out the personality of the city with youthful spirit. Nice work Kerry. 

9 January 2017


Whooli Chen is easing us back into the work grind with her whimsical and beautifully busy scene. Reminding us why we love what we do, only Whooli Chen can make a frantic office appealing and serene. Thanks for a great start to the new year the whole lot of you at CIA.